Saturday, October 18, 2014

Three (and 3 months)

She loves to dress up.  She randomly dances. Her own lyrics to that Disney song crack me up. 

 Sparkles.  Ruffles, Lace.  She loves pretty girly things. But she also likes to climb and is rather fearless. She's happy to stay home with me while her sisters head outside or to the neighbor's to play.  She loves watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood AND Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.  She learns quickly and loves to help. She can be demanding and stubborn and selfish.  She yells and cries to try and get her way.  

 She likes to have mommy or daddy in her sight as she falls asleep.  Cheese is her favorite food.  She doesn't like eating cold things - including ice cream and ice pops. She hates having her hair brushed, but loves the end results of it being styled.  Her favorite color is blue.  And now silver as well.  She loves to say that our car is silver. She likes being read to, but doesn't like books that have pages that take longer than others.  She's a cuddler.

  She loves drawing and writing and painting. She can sing "You are my sunshine", "The ABC song", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", some of "I am a Child of God", and parts of "When I grow up, I want to be a mother". She loves chocolate. LOVES chocolate.

She doesn't like crayons to have wrappers and you can tell where she has been due to the trail of tiny paper strips strewn across the house leading to a pile of naked crayons.  She also uses those crayons as people and the wrappers as their clothes.  She can turn anything into a toy to play with, ending her days with her hands dancing on herself or the bed rail and having conversations with them.  

She's a joy and a pest.  And I love spending my mornings with just her.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Really, someday I will use my camera again. But for now, enjoy some funny face phone pictures. 

And a tired Sunshine crying about something I dont remember, but it was about something random and irrational so I took pictures. 

I think it may have been regarding her wanting to go to a store after we picked up Mischief and my pointing out she was not wearing pants...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So tomorrow my father is having major surgery to remove tumors from his pituitary gland.....I suppose it's considered invasive rather than major....but I think having your face cut open and skull broken in a certain spot so they can get behind it to be pretty major.  Mischief of course wanted details regarding the surgery while the other two were content with "surgery to remove some tumors".  I described it to her pretty  much as I just described it here, and surprisingly got an "EWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" from her.  Something about the part regarding having your face peeled back......(oh did I not mention that?  it was implied....)

So if you utter a little prayer for him and his surgeons, it'd be appreciated.  Some very minute and careful cutting is going to be taken place, and we'd like him to come out of this with his life, health, and vision....

Thanks.  We rather love Boppa.

Update: 10/2/2014 - 6:30pm - he's out of surgery and is in a room.  Doctors are doing some neurological tests before letting my mom in the room, but it went faster than they had anticipated, and the tumor (they decided to only remove the big jelly bean size one) appears benign and he lost no spinal fluid so they didn't have to do a lumbar drain.  That's all I know so far.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Last week or so

Namma sent Mischief pink cowboy boots last week. She loves them and wears them with everything. 
We visited a local garden store on the hunt for Trapper's Glue. No luck, but the littles enjoyed looking around. 

Sunshine enjoys walking around Target and trying out new things. 
I love that these two hold hands while walking to school. Sometimes I let them walk the last stretch of houses before the crossing guard without me. They always cross without me, I lobe our morning crossing guard. She looks out for the kids like they are her own. 

During one soccer game Mischief spent most of her time in this tree and running around with some other kids stuck at their siblings game. She didnt even tear her tights. 
My favorite part of the soccer games is DQ's best friend's baby sister. If I werent growing a baby already, this little one would sure have me wanting to. 
We visited Aunt April (she watched the girls so Mr. Man and I could go on a date, then I visited for a bit when I went to pick them up). 

Mischief's zombie impression (her opinion of this hat) 

Baby bump. Interestingly I am not constantly hungry this pregnancy and actually way 2 pounds less than I did 8 weeks ago. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Alta, UT camping trip

went camping.  went hiking. it was lovely.  enjoy some pictures.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I feel like it is Mischiefland here these days, but since the kid is willing to put effort into how she looks, I've been mostly taking pictures of her. Though this was what shecput on for school this morning and I vetoed because the dress is also being her Halloween costume (with an under layer of length). 
Speaking of her costume, other than an underskirt, she just needs black boots. Target dollar spot costume hats disappeared fast last year, so I grabbed this one today, and a witch nose. Bought the broom last year. 
Yesterday Mischief actually wore pants!  First day of the third week of school, first time wearing pants to school. She then drenched them jumping in puddles after school. 

Today's outfit after I told her to change.