Sunday, September 14, 2014

Alta, UT camping trip

went camping.  went hiking. it was lovely.  enjoy some pictures.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I feel like it is Mischiefland here these days, but since the kid is willing to put effort into how she looks, I've been mostly taking pictures of her. Though this was what shecput on for school this morning and I vetoed because the dress is also being her Halloween costume (with an under layer of length). 
Speaking of her costume, other than an underskirt, she just needs black boots. Target dollar spot costume hats disappeared fast last year, so I grabbed this one today, and a witch nose. Bought the broom last year. 
Yesterday Mischief actually wore pants!  First day of the third week of school, first time wearing pants to school. She then drenched them jumping in puddles after school. 

Today's outfit after I told her to change. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

B & B's wedding reception

My cousin got married last month in Arizona and we got to meet his bride Saturday night at their Utah reception. It was great to see them and Aunts and Uncles and cousins. DQ was quite impressed with the chocolate fountain and table center pieces. I told her to file that away for use in several years. :) 

I especially liked the family wedding photos lining the stage in the cultural hall (the reception was at my Uncle Greg's ward building) and the Littles loved the kids play area set up to one side of the room. 

They even had a table with gluten free animal crackers and pretzels and it's own pot of chocolate so Mischief got to partake in refresemts as well, though she was a tad distracted by the large box of duplos for kids to play with. 

Sunshine's view of the treats to dip in the chocolate was that they were just a vehicle to get the chocolate into her mouth. She loves chocolate. 

I enjoyed getting to talk to family. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lest anyone should think that I don't let my children choose their clothes for is Sunshine in a very her outfit that she picked out today....

Mischief has drawers full of shirts and pants, she just prefers dresses.  I need to get her or make her more shorts/bloomers for under them still.

DQ picks her outfits always, and while I do occasionally veto some combinations, I usually just let her wear what she chooses.  Today she wore a pink dress that is embroidered with pink flowers with socks and red converse

Our tomatoes are ripening nicely

We're having problems with someone opening our bathroom window at night...a window that opens only from the outside.  After a sleepless night last night, due to it being opened at 11pm after I had Jordan close it at 10 when I discovered it was open, I macgivered it shut with some wire.  It now can't be opened beyond this.

It's just disconcerting that someone keeps doing this.  It's not a window someone can break into the house through, especially since I keep the storm window on it, but while wiring it shut gives me some peace of mind the fact that someone keeps opening the window makes me worry that they'll try opening other windows, especially now that they can't open this one.  Why are they opening our window, are they casing the joint?  Are they a peeping tom?  It's only view is of the shower and the toilet, so  I don't know why you'd open it again after it's been shut once you've seen where it leads.  Why are you opening someone else's windows anyway?!  And it's not a low to the ground window, that part of it in the picture is at the height of my head outside.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Made use of our laminator today. Sunshine is using tweezers to pick the pom pom "apples" off the tree and is sorting them by color. 
DQ had a soccer game tonight. Our team lost. We werent surprised cause the other team was huge compared to our girls even though they're the same age bracket. 
Sunshine and Mischief had great fun at the playground there
Not sure the littles and I are going to Thursday night games again. They are super wound up and hungry and it is hours past their bedtimes. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

She excitedly told me they're reading a scary story in class and tomorrow they'll finish it. It's about monsters...oh, and the alphabet. 

Sunshine and I took daddy to work then checked out the new toys. She carried the My Little Pony stuffed animal purse with her the whole time. Said good bye to it in the women's accessories before we left, lol. 

In the evening as we went to pick up Drama Queen from soccer practice, Sunshine started crying and saying she was leaking. Mischief elaborated that it was a bloody nose. 

It didn't bleed as long or as much as Mischief's bloody noses tend to. This is from a few weeks ago when she came home early from the neighbor's house due to it. Her's start spontaneously whereas Sunshine's was from booger removal. 

We moved Sunshine up a shoe size, now in 7s...these look so huge to me. It kills me that this kid is growing up! Even with another baby on the way I wish she would just stay little!