Saturday, December 13, 2014

Drama Queen passed her multiplication test on 3s on this past Tuesday.  The class redid the test on Friday, except for DQ who did the 4s test....and passed.  So this coming Tuesday she will be doing the test for multiplication with 5s and one other kid in her class will be doing the 4s test.  She already has the 5s down so she is working on learning her 6s as well this weekend.  It makes me laugh how excited she is when I print her a worksheet to practice multiplication.  I like to use this form from Math Aids for it.  I wish it wouldn't repeat some problems so very much, but otherwise it's a great fast way to get her some practice problems.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ward Christmas party

I made this little girl's baptism dress and a cape to go with it. She loves her cape!


Sunshine. She doesnt (always) make weird faces for the camera. 

Things she says:
Ornament - "Ordamin"
Unicorn - "Ooonicorny"  (Her stuffed unicorn's name is Uni which she pronounces like Ooo-knee)
Snout - "Snap"


Thanksgiving dinner(well, late lunch...)at home 
Sunshine helped make rolls and pumpkin pie. 
A craft to help pass the day.

Sunshine took a picture of the turkeys she made(in the end she made 5)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

DQ is most definitely her mother's daughter. She's already very friendly with the new school librarian to the point that the librarian is teaching her to reshelve books. She was so helpful today that the librarian gave her a little notepad for helping. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

DQ spent time every day of Thanksgiving break working on her times tables.  I did not know she had been until she came to me on Sunday and said she knew them up through 3 and then proceeded to tell me, I was highly impressed and she was pleased with herself and said she had been working on them because she had a test on Monday (which was then postponed due to them having a sub).  I am so impressed that she was self driven to study for her upcoming test!  I only know they have spelling tests on Friday, so a math test of 3 times 1 thru 12 was news to me.  I have such a good hardworking kid!  I hope she keeps these school habits up through all her years of school.  We rarely have to fight her to do her homework, she looks forward to going to school and loves tests.

Monday, November 17, 2014

"I let him wear the pants in the family....but I was the belt that held them up!"

Funny lady.  Watching Rich Bride, Poor Bride.  And man am I grateful for all those who made my very low cost wedding happen!  9 years late, but thank you oh so much to my brother for DJing, to my mom for making cute outfits for the nieces and nephews, to my sister-in-law for loaning me her dress, to the Morphis family for letting us use their back yard.  To all those who baked and frosted cupcakes and baked potatoes and to various family members, especially brother in law Peter and Aunt Dee, for taking pictures.  I quite happily say my wedding cost just over $1,000.  I still love it and wish I could live it over again.  I feel like I was a bit of a space case and didn't satisfactorily interact with all my old friends who so kindly came out for the reception.