Saturday, December 31, 2011


Phew!  Try to remember passwords after 3 weeks?  That's tough!  In my world, it's still 3 hours until 2012, but for some people, like the fabulously lovely and entertaining Julianna, it's already a new year.

I feel like I've been gone for ions, yet I could have kept going, I wasn't the one going, "What am I suppose to do? I can't stream anime!"  Can you guess who in this house that was?  I'll give you a hint, it wasn't an estrogen driven complaint........and yet I'm sure you'll be told that it was all me, simply because I said my mom was calling more often since she wasn't getting facebook updates.

Where have we been?  Well, the first week of no internet was due to not being able to afford it (aka bill past due and no money with which to pay it), the second week, well, if I was willing to spend 65 cents per minute I could have used the ship's internet, and this last week was due to the same reason as the first week and also my telling my husband that we should just drop our service provider all together because we really couldn't keep pretending we could afford it, as the whole point of getting cell phones (okay not the whole point, part was so we could be in contact when he was at school and I had the car) was for it to be cheaper.....after a measely week I've been overruled and I'm not going to complain much.  See, I was really running out of craft ideas.  That and it's too cold for me to be willing to walk across the street to the drug store so I can copy the rice krispy treat recipe off of the Kelloggs brand box, so now I can look it up on the internet.  My generic Crispy Rice and store brand marshmallows don't have the recipe.......and it's also not in any of the cook books I own.  What's up with that?!  *sigh*  Now I'll have to get caught up with pictures of Christmas and the cruise and the cute photos of my girls that I took yesterday and today with one of the greatest Christmas presents ever.  It was a really awesome Christmas, let me tell you.  Or well let me tell you eventually.  Right now I have a couple hundred emails to go through and I want to check facebook and more importantly Pinterest, cause by golly we've about run out of ideas, though we did make some pretty cool paper birds from the Family Fun magazine.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ah the smell of......

a new furnace.  Kinda funky and not overly pleasant.  That'll go away in a bit they say.

I was going to keep the flat front panel of the furnace to use for a magnet board for the kids, and the guy putting the furnace in says, oh, want a piece of sheet metal instead?  Sure!  Very cool.  And free.   

And somehow these two slept through most of it!  And that was noisy!  We'll soon be warm!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Mischief in her new winter pajamas

The 40 year old furnace

Hazel Mae who is cute even when she is unhappy.

Daddy is her favorite.

Seeing if the Johnny jumper interested her.  It did so we pulled out the jumperoo (we have limited doorframes).  She didn't overly mind being stuck in the girl's doorway, but with the jumperoo she can be in the middle of the floor.  Thanks Aunt Shannon for the hand-me-down!

Drama Queen, another favorite person of Hazel's.

My Mr. Man

Funny Drama Queen

Stocking stuffer in progress.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Last night my sister-in-law invited us over for dinner.  It was super nice since I had no brain as to what to make. My thought process involved "Okay we have turkey......we could have turkey and cranberry sandwiches.....if we had bread, which we don't. Alright, we can have turkey stirfry..........or we could if we had vegetables besides just broccoli.......Um, um um um...................."
Of course today though I feel worse than I did yesterday, I realize we do have carrots and celery that I could have stir fried or we have all the fixings for turkey broccoli casserole.  Some days I'm just brainless, and thankfully April rescued us yesterday.  It was really yummy too.  And so so nice to spend time with them!  Hazel Mae loved their Christmas tree.  We need to put our up.
I'm so glad I have such an awesome family, both my own and my husband's.  It's nice to have good relationships with your family.

I had cheese and sour cream yesterday and Hazel Mae was not happy last night.  She didn't want to sleep, she didn't want to swing she didn't want to lay down she didn't want to be walked and bounced, she didn't want to be held.  I gave her tylenol and finally was so tired (this was all from 2:36am to 3:14am) I just put her to bed and let her cry a bit.  She didn't cry long before she was asleep.  It woke up Mr. Man though and so he's going to be super tired today.  At least he ended up working on his essay for 4 more hours!

I don't feel good today.  I mean, ya, I've been sick and miserable for almost a week now, but really, I just want to crawl back into bed today and just sleep.  Guess I over did it yesterday with the cleaning in the play room and socializing.  And I really really hate the something-is-lodged-in-your throat feeling that you get partway through a cold/flu.  I took sudafed to help with my head and chest congestion.  I may just lay down on the floor here and take a little nap.  Nevermind, I have to go pick up Drama Queen from school in less than an hour.  And take Mr. Man's movies back to redbox, cause he SUCKS at doing that.  I love him.  He just cost us a LOT of money last time he got redbox movies.

It is extremely cold outside.  I am very grateful for the space heaters we have been loaned.  And that my sister-in-law is going to call for bids for the furnace.  Really, how do people learn about doing this stuff?  I'm glad she's around to tell us what-for and to keep us from just closing our eyes, opening the phonebook, and sticking a finger on the page to pick...........

UPDATE:  Um, I so didn't even think to check if sudafed was okay for me to take, and according to it's only listed as "probably safe" to take while breastfeeding.  So it's up to your digression. I've looked up DayQuil, and it is okay to take, which is mainly what I've survived on the last week. (store brand).

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Update: furnace

Well that didn't work.  On to Plan B...tomorrow.  Thank you again to those who have given us space heaters to use or offered help or even just commiserated with us through facebook or by phone.

What a Weekend

Saturday morning I was laying in bed working on waking up as Mr. Man puttered around getting ready to go running.  Hazel Mae was asleep in the swing still, I assumed, so I asked him to go check to make sure she was still alive (slept there 4 hours straight!).  He said she was starting to wake up.  I then told him how when I put her out there at 3:45 I tried to turn the heater up, but it didn't work.  He looked at me then dropped what he was holding and went over to the thermostat.  Pushed buttons.  No effect.  Went to the heater.  Pilot light is out.  He spent 15 to 20 minutes trying to light the pilot.  I started to get out of bed and realized just how cold the house was.  It was 64 degrees when I put Hazel in the swing.  4 hours with no heat and light snow outside, it was at least ten degrees colder.  So Mr. Man went for a run to help him think of what to do.  And I, of course, got on facebook.

I love my family.  Especially my ward(church) family.

I love that a number of ward members are on facebook.  Including the primary president and the Bishop's wife.  The primary president, who is not on facebook frequently, signed on that morning, read my post regarding us not having heat and that it was the same temperature outside as it was in, offered her space heater.  She even brought it over to me.
Mr. Man headed up to Ogden because a niece of ours got baptised yesterday and took Drama Queen with him as she's the only kid who's really not sick.  Before they left they bought an electic blanket for Mischief, Hazel and I to keep warm with as well.
Then the Bishop's wife got on facebook and was her fabulous self.  told me who in the ward knows furnace stuff and even offered that we could sleep at their house so we'd be warm.  I thanked her and told her I'd have Mr. Man call, as I could not, having very little voice (seriously, I'm a mix between a boy going through puberty and a heavy smoker.  It's not pretty or very understandable).  She decided to call.  And last night the fellow who knows furnaces came with his gorgeous wife (we hadn't met them before) to look at our heater.  He took it apart and told Mr. Man what it looked like was the problem, and if it wasn't that, then the furnace is dead.  He was sure that the piece would be hard to find and we'd probably have to call someone to come and look at it officially to order the piece.
After they left, we went to Target to get warm pajamas.  Footsie pjs for Mischief, Drama Queen.........and me!  We also got some 24 month onesies for Mischief to wear underneath, as she kicks her blankets off.  On the way home we went by my brother's house because they have 2 space heaters also.  While Mr. Man was getting the space heaters, apparently he was talking with my brother about the part that probably needs replacing on the furnace and low and behold (don't you just love those words?) HE HAD THE PART.  God may give us trials, but he also gives us the ability to overcome them.  Apparently their furnace had needed that part replaced at some point and they'd bought the item and it turned out there's a right hand and a left hand version (kinda like doors, eh?)  and their furnace takes a left and ours a right.
Long story shortened a bit, we all stayed warm last night thanks to the borrowed space heaters and electric blanket (under Mischief) and Mr. Man will try to fix the furnace after church today.  Hoping and praying it works!  Though I do quite like my footsie jammas.  Except that Nick and Nora (brand) don't seem to realize that women require a bit more space in the bum area.
I have pictures to go with this post, like of how 24 month onesies and 2T fleece jammas are massive on Mischief, and of our furnace doing nothing (so exciting), but that requires going to the other computers, so they'll have to wait a bit as I'm choosing to stay by the space heater in our room that is now up to 57 degrees!  (it was 55 an hour ago).

In a completely unrelated bit......has anyone seen the "Beautiful Bangs" infomercial?  It frightens and disturbs me.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Trying out the new equipment.

Mischief's dinner that she chose not to eat.  Except the apples.  Well the meat of the apples.
 Cute feet!

 Hi swinging Hazel!
I have slept most of the day.  I'm grateful to my husband for allowing me to do so.  This also means the kids spent the day watching tv.  Oh well, that's what happens when you are sick, yes?  My throat still hurts but it doesn't feel as swollen and thick as this morning.
Funny thing is I'm still tired.   Lovely.  Anyone have any brilliant and easy dinner ideas?  I guess we'll go with fish sticks and green beans.  Or we've got microwave burritos.  Hurray for easy food!
I just don't feel good.  Time for more tylenol probably.  Oh, time to start a new load of laundry too.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I feel the same, Hazel, I feel the same.


Last night I got a fever.  I was freezing.  Chilled to the bone freezing, and that really really hurts!  I went to bed and froze until shortly before Mr. Man came to bed.  Then it developed into the too hot too cold phase of fever. It was too hot with blankets, but too cold without.  Hazel Mae had congestion issues.  Suctioning her nose didn't help, it was too far back.  Have you ever met a baby that loves getting her nose suctioned?  Well you have now!  It'd stop  her from crying and she'd lay there nice and still while I tried to make it so she could breathe well enough to eat.  No such luck.  So while I sat up with her patting her back to keep her calm and quiet, my fever changed agaain and I was cold again but not freezing.  Anyway, I finally fell asleep around 4 and was up at 6 with Hazel who couldn't breathe and couldn't eat and was utterly disagreeable.  Eventually I couldn't sit and hold her any longer and just laid her down, and wouldn't you know she went right to sleep.  And then Mischief was awake.
I'm all achey now.  And I have Mischief's meeting with the allergist today.  This will be fabulous I'm sure.

In non-whiney me news, Mr. Man is very stressed about his finals.  He struggles with tests, so even though he's turned in all his homework and did fine on his tests throughout the semester, he's terrified he's going to fail.  And if he does, he gets kicked out of school for a semester.  And we need the money he gets while going to school.  So please keep him in your prayers.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hazel Mae - 4 month check up

 On Thanksgiving day, while the bigger girls colored thanksgiving pictures, Hazel Mae got to sit in the big girl chair and eat crayons.  Hence why I gave her only the plastic ones rather than deal with a waxy diaper and possible choking.

At her well child visit today, she weighs 13lbs 11.5oz.  That's only a 2 pound gain in the last two months, but it didn't cause concern because the kid grew THREE inches!  She's now 25 and a quarter inches long.  The doctor gave us a prescription for some eye drops due to her red and goopy eye as it's gotten worse over the last few days rather than tapered back off.
She was delightful for her entire appointment up until her shots, but she calmed down quickly afterward.  She loves looking at that baby in the mirror!

Mischief:  I hungry mom.  I hungry.
Me: I could make.....
Mischief: grapes.
Me: No, we're out of grapes.  I could make oatmeal or soup?
Mischief: No, all gone, it's lost.
Me: We have some I could make.
Mischief: No. No want.

And today............Mommy is sick.  SOOOoo, it's a chicken noodle soup day.   I'm going to try making my own noodles.  With gluten-free flour.  Got supplies at the grocery store yesterday.  Today my eye was goopy and my head and throat feel all thick and foggy.  Lovely.  Hazel Mae's dr. appointment is this afternoon.  At least I can leave the other girls home with Mr. Man who is still throwing up.

A friend mentioned Celiac disease after reading my post about Mischief.  I looked it up, and sure enough, she has almost every symptom of it - the ones she doesn't have are: vomiting (she doesn't eat enough to have anything to throw up), and two we can't see a result of due to age: delayed puberty and dental enamel defects to permanent teeth.  What are the symptoms she has?

  •  Diarrhea or constipation (or both)
  •  Failure-to-thrive
  •  Short stature
  •  Poor appetite or food aversion
  •  Vomiting
  •  Bloated abdomen or stomach
  •  Fatigue and irritability
  •  Weight loss (although people can be overweight or of normal weight)
  •  Iron deficient anemia  (well her iron level was actually okay last time we were at WIC)
  •  Behavioral changes
So I'm going to see if the allergist can order the blood test for it, or I'll ask the Pediatrician about it at Hazel's appointment today.  Yesterday when they weighted Mischief she weighed 24 pounds.  If you take away the pound her princess dress must have weighed, then she weighs 23 pounds, which means she's gained all of one pound this YEAR.  Anyway.  That's what I am looking into now.  

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mischief Monday Update for Laurel and everyone

Mischief has an ear infection.

I admit I don't know the difference between a wheat allergy and a gluten allergy.  Isn't gluten from wheat?  Therefore if you're allergic to gluten you're allergic to wheat and vice-versa?  Mr. Man has ulcerative colitis, which is not as bad as Crohn's Disease, but may or may not develop into Crohn's Disease?  I'm not sure, neither is he I think.  Thankfully we can apply for PCN health insurance on the 10th so next time he has a flare up he can do something other than be miserable.

Mischief decided to NOT put on her shoes (she had taken them off when they weighed her, which I thought was hilarious because her dress has got to weigh at least a pound...) when we left the doctors office and being the on the all mom that I am, I did not notice until I buckled her into the car.  I was not pleased.  And am still not thrilled, but there was no way I was going to unbuckle everyone to go get them.  Hazel has an appointment tomorrow, I'll ask about them then.

I'm seriously running out of patience with these children today.


Mischief, dressed for Thanksgiving dinner, standing infront of our "Thankful" tree.

I've mentioned Mischief's health issues on here before and you're about to hear about them again.  One of my facebook friends who is a photographer has a blog.  She only posts monthly, pretty much, but the pictures are gorgeous.  Yesterday I hopped over to it and was scrolling through when I stopped on a post about her, then, seven year old daughter.  As I was reading it I couldn't help but think that it sounded like Mischief.  The screaming, dark circles under the eyes.....well here's what I emailed her to say: I was over at your blog admiring your gorgeous photography (and your girls clothes) when I happened to read the post on your seven year old. And was surprised to discover just how much it sounds like my two year old. Now I know yes, 2 year olds normally have a short attention span and don't always understand what you ask them to do and think screaming is great, but it just always seems somewhat off with my little [Mischief]. But what got me most is that you said you daughter would "say "my tummy is making me do it". Our 2 year old often tells us "tummy sad" when she is having what we call "hard days". I've suspected that something is wrong internally, and so does her Pediatrician but neither of us have answers. Her pediatrician just says to take her to an allergist. We don't have any pediatric allergists local so I need to get ahold of Medicaid to see where they want us to go. I think it's more than allergy related because she isn't growing. It concerns her doctor and I but like I said the doctor has no answers besides to give her pediasure, but even 3 pediasures a day hasn't helped. She's 2 1/2 and fits 18 month clothes. Anyway. I was wondering if you would share some more details about your daughter's diagnosis so I can see if it does sound more like my own daughter, and can maybe get a clue as to what direction we should go.

She sent me a message back this morning, and I scheduled an appointment for Mischief at her pediatrician's this afternoon.  Her pediatrician had once said she wanted to do a thorough bloodwork-up, but we never got it set up.  And I really want to even more now.  Because I have noticed over the last few months, that wheat seems to be a trigger.  I am still not sure about dairy, but wheat for sure is questionable.  The times that Mischief has issues tends to be when she has had wheat or we are trying to feed her a wheat product.  Those are the days when we get the "tummy sad" comments.  She does avoid wheat on her own.  If she's very hungry, she'll eat a bit otherwise the only grain products she willingly eats are rice cakes and corn chips.  She knows what makes her feel okay and what doesn't.  Mr. Man wants to wait until she's older so we can see if it actually is due to some health issue or if it's just because she's two, but I don't like that logic.  Why should she have to suffer for years?  I admit it's hard to give her a diet different that what we are having.  Drama Queen and Mischief tend to have a limited menu for lunches, cause I like easy.  Peanut butter and jam on whole wheat bread, macaroni and cheese hot dogs and fruit, chicken nuggets and veggies.  Those are their basics.  All include wheat except the hot dogs, and well, in truth the hot dog meal is the only one that Mischief eats entirely.  She will lick out the peanut butter and jam from her sandwich.  She refuses entirely to eat Mac N cheese, and she usually eats only one nugget and her vegetables.
 Mischief being "schroeder" on Thanksgiving afternoon.

So now you know more about our guessing game.  I guess I need to stick with the selective foods for her for longer than I did last time.  We've got an appointment scheduled with an allergist (turns out the local one does take 2 year olds, as they only do skin testing) for Wednesday when we will meet with the doctor.  Apparently our insurance requires a meeting to talk first and then we can schedule testing.  
And now I'm out of things to say about that until after her appointment this afternoon.  I've distracted her and Drama Queen with their little pink "tree" to decorate in their bedroom...  (And yes Isaac, I know I said I'd be home all today except for taking Maddie to, and picking up from school but when they have room day of, you go!)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yesterday we headed north to my cousin's house.  He's got an awesome camera and a gorgeous backdrop and fun photo props.  He did our family pictures, thanks Anthony!  And thanks mom for setting it up and sending us clothes for them!  The girls looked so cute!  After that we went to Mr. Man's sister's house and visited for about an hour or so.  Hazel Mae adored her, which is VERY good since she'll be there for a week next month!

Mischief had a hard time last night.  Instead of being just kind of winter snotty, she's officially congested and green snotty.  I put the humidifier in the girls room, but she still woke up at 9pm, thankfully I was able to rock her back to sleep, after a dose of tylenol (she kept saying her hair hurt, and grabbing the hair behind her ear, which in my opinion means she either had major head congestion or is developing an ear infection), some homeopathic cold medicine, and melatonin, and put her in bed.  She was awake again at 4:23am.  I got up, with her and we laid on the couch watching kid shows until Hazel woke up to eat at about 5:30 - 6ish.

Mr. Man took Drama Queen and Hazel to church with him.  I've done dishes, fed Mischief and I, cleaned off most of the kitchen table.  Submitted our job connection case review (and am irritated with myself for reading the paperwork wrong.  I thought it said I had until the 1st of December to submit it, but it turns out it was supposed to be submitted by Nov. 10th.  Now, due to it being late, we may not get money for food next month.  Grrr.  stupid me.)

It's sunny.  Once I remember where I put the diaper bag, I can upload pictures from this past week.  But for now I'm going to return to cleaning up, my way of showing Mr. Man that I really appreciate that he took Hazel Mae with him too!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tutu Tuesday: A science experiment

On Monday Drama Queen and I started a science experiment while the littler girls slept.

First she measured out 2 cups of water
then poured the water into a saucepan.
Next she carefully measured 5 cups of sugar
And added each cupful to the pan.  Doing this she noticed that the water turned white.
Mommy put the pan on the stove, and turned on the burner.
Time to stir,


She noticed while stirring that the sugar stopped being crunchy and disappeared.  We talked about solids and liquids (she's been learning about them in science - yes, her kindergarten has a science painting, or dancing or singing "Farmer in the Dell".  Science and Math.).  She also excitedly informed me that sugar said "Sh" so it starts with S-H!  Nope, sorry kid.  English is rather inconsistant.
Once the water/sugar mixture started making bubbles(boiling), we pulled it off.  She put in a few drops of food coloring and I added some strawberry flavoring.  Then more stirring.  And yes, she did all the stirring herself, she let me stir all of twice, and only cause I said I wanted to feel how it wasn't crunchy anymore.

No pictures as we let it cool then poured it into the jars.  Just plastic wrap wasn't strong enough to hold the sticks in place, I folded foil into  layers then stabbed a stick through for each.  

Now we wait.  Drama Queen will look each day to see what happens to the sugar after a few days.

I enjoy having Drama Queen sound out words.  She does it constantly throughout the day.  Of course then she runs into spelling problems, such as with sugar and shoe.