Family Friday - Cleaning Day

Mr. Man decided that Fridays should be chores day since he only has one class that day.  So this morning he cleaned the kitchen while the girls and I cleaned up the living room.  He also started on some more laundry while I played a game called Word Spot with my friend.  It's not a game I'd ever want to play against my genius brother and sister-in-law.  I'd lose within the first five rounds I'm sure!  Mischief and Drama Queen were so good at helping out.  They need micromanaging to keep them going, but they are more than happy to keep cleaning if they've been giving chores that way.
So pictures today are of our two clean rooms.  Mr. Man even mopped the kitchen floor.  The mess on the table is a craft that Drama Queen and I were working on.  The crockpot has our potato corn chowder that will be for dinner tonight.  I chopped the potatoes, but then Mr. Man gave me some homework to do for his English class, he had to have a family member fill out a survey about learning literacy skills.  While I did that, I let him chop the carrots and onion.  I am proud of myself for keeping my mouth shut when we ended up with massive pieces of onion in there.  He quartered it then sliced in 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch slices.  And yes, I did tell him at the beginning I wanted everything around half an inch square.  I'm totally going to quietly eat around the onion.
 Pardon the clean laundry pile and the dirty laundry hampers.  Drama Queen was having a pretend picnic while watching Muppets from Space.  I provided her with cucumber slices and apple wedges a bit after this.


sleepless said…
I think that is a lovely plan !! It obviously worked this time !! Wonderful !

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