Family Friday - The Man Cave

Mr. Man decided that he wanted his own space.  He and I put in the labor to clear out the crap. . .I mean craft room, into which he then moved his treasures.  It is his Man Cave, complete with baby gate to keep the kids out and the dog in.  His legos are prominately displayed, of course, though my fabric boxes are still stored in there for the time being.

He picked up a banana chair from Target clearance.  He can hook it up to his Ipod and it will play his music out of speakers built into the chair.

The dog's kennel has been moved into the Man Cave, as well as Mr. Man's bike, set up on his wind trainer.

Though he was inside his kennel when I took the picture, the dog actually hangs out in the room for half the day.  After about lunch time he'll stand with his front paws on the baby gate and that's when he gets put into his kennel.  Mr. Man got fed up with the girls fighting over their little armchair, and he put it in the Man Cave so they could not get to it, oh was the dog ever happy!  Even if he doesn't look it in the picture.
The other thing the dog loves about having "his own room"  is that he can now do this without us grabbing the girls and ushering them to another room so they don't get whacked.


sleepless said…
I can see how this man cave could be beneficial for everyone at this point..I am just sorry the dog got the girl's chair !!
um ... yeah right .. where do you do your fabulous creative stuff now Abbey?
Ok. So no official announcement. Can't believe the next post after I said that was the last post I'd read before I got busy and hadn't been back.

Let me just say that I am so, so, so incredibly happy for you!! :))

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