How to spiff up your blog

I love 3-column blogs, but I also love the free backgrounds you can find at places like The Cutest Blog on the Block.  And to use those backgrounds you have to have your blog template set to Minima.  With the new Template Designer feature on Blogger, Minima isn't an obvious option.  Thank goodness for Google!  First I searched for how to get Minima back.   The easiest to understand answer I found was in the UK Blogger Help Forum.  After that I hunted to see if there was a way to make Minima into 3 column and found this fantastic tutorial from  I loved how it turned out then, except, as always, the border around the header drives me nuts.  So I googled how to remove it.  It's so super easy, I don't know why I didn't look it up before!  Next, since I plan this to be a more organized and fantastical blog, I found instructions to make a search engine for my blog.  This way it will be easy for any visitors to look up tutorials or recipes, etc, quickly.    Now I just discovered that The Cutest Blog on the Block also has a tutorial for turning Minima to 3 column, also easy to use.


sleepless said…
Oh dear...your new blog looks very beautiful for sure !!! Please be kind about little old me and my boring old blog...because all this sounds dang technical to me !!!
Kira =] said…
Love the new look!
fogo said…
Cute new blog. I love the kids new names they are very fitting I am sure. Tell Mr. Man he needs more sleep he looks like a walking zombie in his picture. :)

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