The Sabbath

Last week in Relief Society, the lesson was on fasting.  A sister in the ward had an interesting and enlightening idea to add.  Though some people can not fast due to pregnancy or medical condition, you can help yourself get in the right frame of mind by fasting from a specific thing, Kind of like how Catholics give up something they really love for Lent.

Today we are having an extended family fast and I'm fasting from delicious double chocolate cookies.

We'll have to have our own religious lesson later today because Mr. Man worked late last night and I don't have the heart to wake him for Church.  The girls and I are ditching Church as well due to some psycho estrogen things going on.  You'd think we were all PMSing.  Drama Queen is having melt downs when we disagree with her desired dictatorship regime.  Mischief is having melt downs because she does not want to wear clothes and also does not want to do all the things Drama Queen keeps demanding of her.  I feel guilty of course that we're not going to church.  It is ingrained in me that that is what you do on Sunday and if you don't go you're a big sinner.  *sigh*

But really, I'm ready to just sit here and scream.  Infact if Mr. Man were not at home, I would not be resisting this desire.

It really seems that Mischief is over her dairy allergy!  I'll just have to enjoy the almond milk that Namma sent up myself!  Mischief has been having dairy for two days now and amazingly, her rash is almost gone.  Does that mean she was having issues with the almond milk too?  I really don't get this kid's conditions, but if she continues like this it will be a blessing to not have to avoid giving her dairy products and buying special milk for her.

I've started being able to feel the baby, I felt him/her first on Friday, but I thought maybe I just thought it, but then it happened a number of times on Saturday.  This is the one thing I like about pregnancy.

And look at that you get a Sunday ramble.


sleepless said…
Mama here ..I do enjoy your rambles !! It gives me a clue into your life !! I wish we were much closer but this is the next best thing and I truly appreciate it !! Hang in there !! Keep doing the best you can..that is all any of us can do !! Your kids are just being the little people they are !! Give them lots of love and attention and it will all turn out just fine !! I love you !!
Kira =] said…
"dictatorship regime" lol. It's the same story over here with Carlise. so funny how similar our little girls are!

When I fasted during pregnancy I fasted from chocolate/candy and soda. since they are both luxuries and something I love and typically consume every day.

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