Saturday Special - First Bento!

For dinner tonight Mr. Man requested what we call "asian" rice.  It's just short grain rice, but it's what we use to make onigiri and sushi, so to make it easier to explain what kind of rice is being talked about we say Asian rice.  This inspired me to finally use the bento boxes I picked up at the local Oriental Market last year.  I also followed Just Bento's recipe for egg tamagoyaki.
Drama Queen's first bento: rice sprinkled with furikake, egg tamagoyaki, apple bunny and heart, sliced cucumber and underneath those are a few baby carrots (thanks Aunt Mary!).

My bento is just in a rubbermaid bowl, same thing as DQ but celery sticks instead of carrots (oh ya, DQ has a celery stick too) and I seasoned my rice like sushi rice. 
Drama Queen was thrilled with her bento and despite my worries she thought the tamagoyaki was delicious.   She thought the apple bunny was fantastic and used her chopsticks to eat everything.  
Mischief was not quite so impressed.  She ate her apple bunny and rice.  She thought that tamagoyaki was inedible.  


sleepless said…
Impressive !! cool chopsticks thingies !!
Suz said…
I love the apple cute.
Julianna said…
My kids love chopsticks. Asian style anything... not so much. :) Lately, youngest has been obcessed with fondue sticks... calls them his "forks of doom". -J

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