Social Saturday - Fondue Party

Every year, it seems, this family at our church hosts a fondue party for a number of their friends.  We were lucky enough to be included in that number this year!  So on Friday night, one of Mr. Man's sisters came over and watched the girls while we went out for a fun adults only night!

There was a pot of seasoned broth in which to cook meat - beef and chicken - as well as two cheese fondue pots.  To dip in the deliciousness we had french bread, toasted baguette slices, sourdough bread, cauliflower florets, broccoli florets and baby carrots.

I really liked that I could cook my beef to just the way I like it!  Everyone left theirs in for a long time, but mine was more like 45 seconds, I like my beef to melt in my mouth.  It was also very delicious to throw some broccoli and cauliflower into the broth to cook it.

Once the cheese was gone our host brought out the chocolate fondue!  There was one dish of dark chocolate and the other dish was semi sweet chocolate with marshmellow and graham crackers.  To dip in the chocolate we had bananas, orange slices, apple slices, marshmallows, graham crackers, pound cake, strawberries, Nilla Wafers, and pretzels.

The dark chocolate ended up going back to the kitchen because someone realized the alcohol hadn't all gotten cooked out.  I didn't notice it, so I'm glad someone else did.  I just thought it was the best, and most bitter, dark chocolate I'd ever had.

Besides eating lots of delicious food it was great to have a chance to be with a large group of adults just to chat and laugh and overall rediscover what it is to have a life beyond children!


sleepless said…
That SOOOOO looks like a party you would gourmet cook you !!
Mary said…
Love your new blog! You really do have a knack for taking very cool pictures!

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