Something Nifty Wednesday

I have yet to come up with a creative idea for Wednesdays.  Today before my doctor appointment I was thinking of calling it Wentworth Wednesday and doing baby updates, but the ultrasound, though it really is too early to tell for sure, made it look a whole lot like this one is going to be a girl as well.  Feel free to help come up with a nifty idea for Wednesdays.

Due date: July 16 (well a week before).  Baby will be another C-section due to my water rupturing habit.


britt said…
I know a few people who do "truth is..." on wednesdays. They are always fun posts to read.

Congrats again on baby #3!
Laurel said…
Is this your announcement? Happy baby!
Suz said…
Congrats! I know two little girls that will be great big sisters.
Patricia said…
Oh my gosh! Congratulations on the new pregnancy! I'm so excited for you!

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