Truth is. . .Thursday

Truth is. . .anytime we can't find something, I feel like it's my fault because I'm the "housekeeper" so if the house isn't clean, it's my fault.

Truth is. . .I love seafood.  I have a sister-in-law who thinks it's just plain gross and I don't get that!  Love her anyway!

Truth is. . .When we're driving down the street, I sometimes try to catch people in the act of nose picking.  It totally grosses me out, though I'm guilty of doing it myself at times.

Truth is. . . I haven't showered since Sunday.  I can smell myself.  I'm waiting for Mischief's nap time to remedy this otherwise I'll have her in there with me and lately she just wants to be held the entire time, which is not so fun for me, or productive.

Truth is. . .I broke the dog's outside water bowl today.   It was iced over, as it has been every morning for the last month, but when I flipped it over and dropped it on the ground, not only did the ice in it shatter but the bowl did too.  Oops.

Truth is. . .I'm sitting her online watching Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, while Drama Queen cleans the living room.  I give her a task, she does it then comes and asks for another.  And we wonder why my house is a disaster?  Nope, actually no wondering goes on.  We all know it's me.

Truth is. . .on one hand I can count the number of times Mischief has slept through the night.  Tuesday night was one of those nights though.  Last night was completely opposite, yet I feel more rested and energetic today than I did yesterday.

Truth is. . .I really want some Tom Ga Kai soup.  We only have one can of coconut milk though, I'd been saving it for a curry, but hmmm. . . .of course I don't have any cilantro, so there goes that.  I'm out of Nori too so I can't make sushi either.  I could make plain onigiri, but I like mine with nori.  We really like Asian food in our house.

Truth is. . .I did have breakfast.  The baby is just always hungry for savory food.  To the point that I even want some kimchi.  Which as a rule I don't particularly like.  Though I want to make some myself.

Truth is. . .I'm a prime rib kind of girl with a pinto bean budget.  hahahaha.  I came up with that at about 1 am last night.  I know caviar is usually the expensive item used for an example, but I'm not a big fan of caviar.  It's not bad or anything, I just though it was pretty bland.  But I'm still pleased that I have had the experience.  Thanks sister!  (The Hobbit in O.C. - D&B manager dinner thing)

Truth is. . . I've never been fishing.  I really want to though.  I've told Mr. Man that yearly since we got married and he always says he'll take me.  Maybe I'll insist this year.  Idaho has fishing yes?  We're going camping there this summer.

Truth is. . .I'm jealous that Mr. Man is going to school.  I want to go to school and take math, science, dance, and photography!  I hope to some day learn to use a fancy camera. . . .and photoshop.

Truth is. . .I totally just use today's post to ramble!

Truth is. . .I'm emotionally imbalanced today.  On the verge of tears for no reason. Ah, pregnancy hormones.

Truth is. .  .I'm pondering doing a Asian style garden.  Lemon grass, bok choy, napa cabbage, daikon radishes, cilantro, thai chiles, etc.

Truth is. . .I think it's hilarious that Drama Queen's response to my "You talk alot" is "Well, that's just what happens when I open my mouth!"

Truth is. . .I finally got brave and set up our WIC appt.  They'll put Mischief on it for 30 days without "proof of identity".  So now to get an application filled out, notarized and mailed in with a cashier's check.  Thank goodness tomorrow is "payday" and maybe we'll get enough to do that and get a few things paid!


Julianna said…
And I'm a filet kind of girl on a Ramen Noodle budget. :)

We're all right there with you honey. Hormones, or no hormones. :)
Anonymous said…
Truth is ... I checked your blog almost daily for an update during December and missed it tremendously!


Truth is ... I miss your rambling! :)
sleepless said…
You are extremely interesting actually !!! Congrats. on the Wic appointment !! I would get another copy of her birth certificate now !

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