Tutu Tuesday

One of the things the girls love doing together is brushing teeth.  It's one of the few times that Drama Queen shares without complaint.  She scoots over on the stool so Mischief can join her on it.

They're both at a stage right now where they think the spitting into the sink part of teeth brushing is hilarious.


fogo said…
At least they spit in the sink. My kids are still trying to figure that out. Even the 6 year old. Go figure.
Julianna said…
UGH! Getting mine to brush their teeth is like... well, pulling teeth. Which they'd happily do for a couple of bucks from the tooth fairy. ;)
Absolutely fabulous new blog! so looking forward to following your invariably hilarious way of sharing your adventures! And jolly chuffed so see how great your little munchkins are doing!!

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