Tutu Tuesday - Reading and Sunbonnets

One day last week I discovered Mischief just lying on this chair.  Looking at the world from a new persepective perhaps?
 Drama Queen is getting better with the camera.  Mischief is holding DQ's camera here, while DQ uses my camera to take a picture of us.  Her camera needs new batteries.
 And a rare picture with two happy little girls!  Last week they enjoyed having their friends over more frequently than usual because their friends dad was out of town and their mom needed some sanity/adult interaction.
Like my dad did with me, I've begun working on reading Dick and Jane with Drama Queen.  Here she is, memorization at it's best!  She really wants to move on to the fourth story, but I told her she can't until she remembers "and" since the next story has at least one more new word.

My mom pointed out to me that Mischief has quite the cat who ate the canary look here.  This is why I chose to call her Mischief on the blog.  She's quite the sneaky child.

 Drama Queen loves dressing up in mine and Mr. Man's winter gear lately.  Here she is being mommy.

 Mischief picked this bonnet out of the six pictured options on Simplicity 3840.  Though it wasn't a frilly fancy one like I wanted her to pick, it was actually really easy, the easiest in this pattern!  My interfacing was obviously not as stiff as the kind used on the example one.
Drama Queen's bonnet is a bit large.  I used McCall's pattern 4547.  The bonnet is size 3-6.  I ran out of the purple butterfly material and couldn't find a solid purple, so I used a complimentary print for the ties.  I also cheated and instead of ties across the back of the neck (I didn't feel like doing button holes) I just ran elastic through the casing. I like that the hat has a part to keep her neck covered.  I also left off the lace.


sleepless said…
Awesome sewing .. Great Reading..I didn't learn to read until the middle of 3rd grade...I thought I was guessing as good as anybody !!
I love, love, love the bonnet! It reminds me of the bonnet and dress Mom made me when I was little. I thought I was out on the prairie with Laura and Mary Engels when I wore it!!

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