Wordless Wednesday

I'll do Truth is on Thursdays, cause it sounds like fun, but we'll make Wednesdays Wordless Wednesdays when I'll just share a picture, since ya'll seem to like my pictures anyway.  Here is a picture, I didn't take it, nor was I the one who scanned it into the computer, but by golly do I claim it!


Julianna said…
Awww... how far along? Yours I assume? -J
3rdtimeMom said…
14 weeks, yep it's ours. Mr. Man added his own artist touch by scanning it crooked.
Laurel said…
Looks like a baby! So exciting.
I'm SO excited for you!!! I had no idea you were expecting again (although I wondered with your new name lol). I've missed so much while I've been gone! I'm still catching up on posts. I want to see how/when you announced your news! :)

Congratulations are in order no matter who it is in there growing! :) At the same time, I understand. The disappointment will be fleeting. :)

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