Monday, February 28, 2011

Make-it Monday: Mending

The dog succeeded at ripping a hole in his bed.  This was before we got him a new bone and a toy, so hopefully he'll have no desire to try again.
So after it was washed and dried, I grabbed a spool of button/carpet thread from my "inheritance" stash (aka it was with some of the stuff I have of my grandma's) and stitched it up.
Not quite as good as new, but it seems sturdy enough!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday's Adventure

This morning at 7:15 the girls and I were laying on the couch watching vintage cartoons when there was a sudden scary loud noise and all the power shut off.  It flickered back on twice, both times ending with the big scary noise and then we had just no power at all.
This lead to a lesson on electricity and what items in the house require it.  Pretty much everything except the water heater (thankfully).  So no, Drama Queen, we can't make cookies.

I laid on the couch under my blanket with the girls occasionally joining me for TWO HOURS.  Then it suddenly came back on, so whatever happened got fixed.  By this time the house was down to 61 degrees.  Just a reinforcement of how when we buy a house some day we will have a wood burning stove in at least one room.

Mr. Man is off at this month's fencing tournament. His mandatory event (aka test) was at 8am, so the girls and I didn't go, he came home to get us before his Epee event and was proud to announce that he took first place in foil!  He's awesome!

We watched him warm up for Epee and then watched his first "fight".  Mr. Man is in the black pants.

 The girls loved watching daddy (though he lost the bout we saw)
 After lunch the girls and I went to the library and spent time just playing.  We have a very large friendly library.  The kids section is extremely child friendly.
 They added some couches to the kids section since we were there last!  They had lots of wooden benches before.
 The girls gave an impromptu preformance on the stage infront of the puppet theater in the Storytelling Wing.
 Back to the Fencing Academy after that where Daddy and Mischief did a bit of sword play.
 Then Mischief and Drama Queen had fun running around the practice room and sword fighting.

Fun day!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Funny Friday

The obscure:
"Mom, what's that big little thing Mischief has in her hand?"
"Mom, can I have that thing that's up there in the other room?"

The random:
This morning I laid out this selection of patterns for Drama Queen to pick which she wanted for her Easter dress.

I laid them out all in a row, told her to look at each pattern and tell me which dress she wanted for Easter.  She looks them over and points to one(third in the top row), telling me it's the one she wants.  I was surprised, but hey, it's less work for me!  Mischief on the otherhand, wants the hot pink one on the center pattern in the bottom row.

The way Mommy entertains herself when Mischief won't go to bed:

Funny Mischief:
Anytime Mischief sees daddy putting his shoes on or putting on a jacket, holding keys or opening the door, she loudly calls "BYE!!"  Doesn't matter what the reason he's done such things, she is just so used to seeing him on his way out I guess!  She does an equally enthusiastic squeal of "DADDY!" when he comes back in.

Yesterday evening I was sitting at the computer when Mischief walks into the room going "OoooooooOooooooooo"  With her blankee over her head.  It took me too long to get the camera so I missed most of it. . .

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What we do Wednesday

This morning I made Cinnamon Rolls.  I've been wanting some for a while, but dislike how long cinnamon rolls take to make and the whole scalding milk part just seems like a lot of work (you have my permission to roll your eyes at me) but I refuse to pay $3 for a roll of Pillsbury Grands which has only 5 cinnamon rolls in it. 
Anyway, I finally made some.
Even made cream cheese frosting for them.
I also moved the girls bookcase to the opposite side of the toy area and moved my pattern drawers into my closet and the boxes of misc. papers into the man cave.  Now I want to take a nap before sorting through my bookcases and moving them.  If only.
Drama Queen wasn't sharing the ball Mischief wanted so she headed off to the girls room with her arms folded and a super pout on her face and was muttering "ball" in the most woeful voice.
I grabbed the camera and found her on Drama Queen's bed looking oh so melancholy.

"Baow" (ball) she tells me.  
 Then grins and holds up a duck and joyfully exclaims, "Quak Quak!"  (quack quack, she doesn't say animal names yet, just what they say)
 So easily distracted. . .then Oh!  "igh!" (light)
 and an on/off game began.  Oh the delights of a child.
 When she decided she was done in there she headed back to the toys.  Drama Queen had abandoned the marble works by then so Mischief and I took over.
 She gets so delighted in watching the marble go down!
 Drama Queen built her third wonder block creation of the day.   
(sorry there's only one picture of her)
 Mr. Man had the morning off from school so he napped and watched some shows on the computer until it was time for fencing.  He also called the water heater maker company and they're mailing us the part they think we need to get our water heater working again (it stopped working yesterday).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tutu Tuesday: Cleaning, Organizing, Sorting

We're having a busy day today.
Trying to get control of the chaos that is our house.
The girls are loving having boxes of toys they haven't seen in months.  
Nesting, anyone?
Mommy had her medicine dosage increased, let's see if in a month mommy is giddy and happy and productive without (small in consideration for the baby) dosages of caffiene.

 Mischief was so sad that daddy was going to school without her.
 "Daddy?  Daddy?"
 "There he is! Bye daddy"
 Building a wonder blocks tower.
 Buildng a house
 Mommy sorting fabrics  into boxes.  Fall/winter, fleece/interfacing/batting, fancy, cottons, knits, scraps.
fabric boxes filled and moved to my closet
 More forgotten toys!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Make-it Monday - Baby Cocoon

I just made the easiest crochet flower ever.
Instructions are on Craftaholic Anonymous.

I've been admiring baby "cocoons" for awhile.  I first discovered them while looking up newborn photo shoot ideas on flickr. It's just a soft knit sack that you can tuck (originally wrote stuff, but that sounds a bit unkind) a newborn into and take adorable photos with.  They run about $30 on etsy.  Most are knit, but well, while I have learned to knit numerous times throughout my life, it's not like riding a bike and I can't just pick up the needles and remember how.  However, I do crochet, it is simple enough I haven't forgotten how, so I hunted on Ravelry and searched on google blogsearch for a crochet version and found one on relief share.  I had started with a pattern I found on Ravelry, but had trouble following the directions, so I found the one on Relief Share and followed it for the most part, but it ended up wider than I wanted (I have skinny babies) so I then proceeded to do my own thing. Anyway, I took a few hours on Sunday and a few hours today to complete the cocoon.  I consider it to be Butterfly's baby gift from my Grandma who died not to long ago.  She was quite the crochet master and made all the grandkids afghans and even Drama Queen got one before "Grandma in the bed" was too sick.  That's how DQ remembers her.  I'm grateful that DQ is able to have some memories of my grandma, as Mischief will not.

Anyway, Here is my end result!  I used two skeins of Jiffy baby yarn that I inherited from Grandma's things as well as used a size G hook which was Grandma's as well.  Drama Queen's Christmas baby obliged to model the sack.

 Cute and FREE!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday: Restaurant

This morning Drama Queen drew this fabulous picture.
I'm sure you can tell who it is.
Drama Queen invited me to her restaurant today.
She even set up a nice vase with flower on the table.
She asked my order like a proper waitress and brought me my requested vegetable plate, providing a fork and knife so I could cut and eat my tomato.
After I ate my meal she asked if I would like to order dessert and I asked what desserts she had.  She let me know she had strawberries and lemon.
After I thanked her for the delicious dessert, she brought me my bill and thanked me for coming to her restaurant.
That kid is so cute.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Slushy Saturday

It is slushing outside today, but the girls really wanted to blow bubbles.  So we turned the empty bathtub into bubble zone.  
 The girls are sitting on a towel to absorb the spilled bubble solution and keep from slipping.