Funny Friday

The obscure:
"Mom, what's that big little thing Mischief has in her hand?"
"Mom, can I have that thing that's up there in the other room?"

The random:
This morning I laid out this selection of patterns for Drama Queen to pick which she wanted for her Easter dress.

I laid them out all in a row, told her to look at each pattern and tell me which dress she wanted for Easter.  She looks them over and points to one(third in the top row), telling me it's the one she wants.  I was surprised, but hey, it's less work for me!  Mischief on the otherhand, wants the hot pink one on the center pattern in the bottom row.

The way Mommy entertains herself when Mischief won't go to bed:

Funny Mischief:
Anytime Mischief sees daddy putting his shoes on or putting on a jacket, holding keys or opening the door, she loudly calls "BYE!!"  Doesn't matter what the reason he's done such things, she is just so used to seeing him on his way out I guess!  She does an equally enthusiastic squeal of "DADDY!" when he comes back in.

Yesterday evening I was sitting at the computer when Mischief walks into the room going "OoooooooOooooooooo"  With her blankee over her head.  It took me too long to get the camera so I missed most of it. . .


Burnhams said…
wow! some of those look HARD to make!
sleepless said…
Such a hilarious blog..I enjoyed it ALOT !! thanks !! When we lived in Idaho with little kids..we had a candle for the table for when the lights went out. You are lucky they picked the two easiest patterns !!

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