Make it Monday: Apothecary Jars Tutorial

I actually did this craft last November, but never posted it (or at least I don't recall posting it on the old blogs, so if I did, bear with me and my pregnancy brain).  This is a craft I discovered on dollar store crafts one day and promptly picked up the needed jars over at the Dollar Tree.  They did not have candle sticks there, but I picked some up at the thrift store for a dollar each.  I got my E6000 at Roberts Craft and it's not so cheap, but it will last a long time.  So here we go.

All you need is a glass jar with a lid, a glass candlestick, E-6000 glue or similar, and something to put in the jar.
 Make sure the bottom of your jar and the top of your candlestick are clean and dry.  Follow the directions on the adhesive To know where the glue needed to be on the jar, I put the glue on the candlestick, then lightly pressed it to the bottom of the jar.  I then added more E-6000 to the jar following the lines left by the candlestick.

You let the adhesive "cure" (or that's what Mr. Man told me is the reason why you let it sit first) then press them together firmly and let it sit for 24 hours.
And that's it!  You now have a fabulous and cheap apothecary jar. You can fill it with whatever you like.  At the time I made these we had tons of halloween candy so I filled one with skittles.  I played around with putting vintage thread in one as well.
This is where they actually live now, and are oh so fabulously useful!  One has flossers and the other has q-tips.

In other news, Mischief slept through the night last night!!  Such a rare and delightful event!  I decided that when Jordan is done with his schooling, we should live in Oregon.  It's close to California, but has a much better price of living and still a touch of winter without being freezing (this month appears to average 50 degrees).  Sounds fabulous to me!  I'm random like that.  I'm sure that was something you already knew.  :)


sleepless said…
Be aware it rains in Oregon and is dreary... like... daily. BEAUTIFUL apothecary jars !!!
Emily Robertson said…
I love your jars! I think I like them best in the bathroom...I wish i had a big counter space in mine for some. Way cute though. I just might have to make some...someday

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