Make-it Monday - Baby Cocoon

I just made the easiest crochet flower ever.
Instructions are on Craftaholic Anonymous.

I've been admiring baby "cocoons" for awhile.  I first discovered them while looking up newborn photo shoot ideas on flickr. It's just a soft knit sack that you can tuck (originally wrote stuff, but that sounds a bit unkind) a newborn into and take adorable photos with.  They run about $30 on etsy.  Most are knit, but well, while I have learned to knit numerous times throughout my life, it's not like riding a bike and I can't just pick up the needles and remember how.  However, I do crochet, it is simple enough I haven't forgotten how, so I hunted on Ravelry and searched on google blogsearch for a crochet version and found one on relief share.  I had started with a pattern I found on Ravelry, but had trouble following the directions, so I found the one on Relief Share and followed it for the most part, but it ended up wider than I wanted (I have skinny babies) so I then proceeded to do my own thing. Anyway, I took a few hours on Sunday and a few hours today to complete the cocoon.  I consider it to be Butterfly's baby gift from my Grandma who died not to long ago.  She was quite the crochet master and made all the grandkids afghans and even Drama Queen got one before "Grandma in the bed" was too sick.  That's how DQ remembers her.  I'm grateful that DQ is able to have some memories of my grandma, as Mischief will not.

Anyway, Here is my end result!  I used two skeins of Jiffy baby yarn that I inherited from Grandma's things as well as used a size G hook which was Grandma's as well.  Drama Queen's Christmas baby obliged to model the sack.

 Cute and FREE!!


Mandi said…
nice work- looks cute!
Also I LOVE the flower!
Julianna said…
I love those cocoons... so cute!
sleepless said…
WOW, I am impressed !! I am VERY impressed !! and the flower is awesome !! GREAT job Abby !!
Emily Robertson said…
The flower is too cute! I think I need to look up baby cocoon, cause I am a smidgen confused about it, but I am sure it is amazing =) Good work!
Emily Robertson said…
Ok just looked them up on Etsy...they look nice and comfy & oh so warm. Very cute!

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