Make-it Monday

We aren't crafting today.  We're cleaning.  Started in my bedroom packing up all the clothes that don't fit me or the girls and gathering the piles of dirty clothes (my guess of Mr. Man's thought process: "Hamper? what's a hamper, maybe that's what this kind of carpet is called. . .").
So it's make it clean day.
I'm taking a break though because I now have lots of heavy boxes in the way and I refuse to try and life them as this pregnancy has me stressed to begin with.  When I was pregnant with Drama Queen I started out a size 4.  When I was pregnant with Mischief, I started out a size 6.  This pregnancy started at a size 10 so I have this layer of fat I am NOT used to.  Usually by week 18 I've felt the baby give a good kick or two.  Infact with Mischief she was so active that I began feeling her at 16 weeks and Mr. Man was able to feel her at 18 weeks.  This baby I just occasionally feel little flutters from.  I'll be asking the Dr. on Thursday if it is due to the extra layer of fat I have this time around.  Anyway, that has me paranoid.

And now I will proceed with making Mischief scream because I need a shower desperately.  I gave in and let her join me.

Yesterday we made valentines
 And here's my first belly picture.  18 weeks.

What a difference 2 degrees makes.  For the last 2 months we changed our thermostat from 68 degrees during the day to 70 degrees, which was much more comfortable for all of us, especially the little girls. But unfortunately. . .it doubled the gas bill.  Can you believe that?  2 degrees seems such a small thing, but oh well, back to wearing jackets inside.  We have hopeful plans to replace three large windows in the trailer this year.  The three that are the most drafty.  I don't know how much it will cost, but I'm certain it will pay off in next winter's gas bill.

Mr. Man and I traded closets today!  Since we moved in he instantly claimed the walk-in.  But now that he has his own private room, and my sewing things are going to be moved to the bedroom, I asked if he'd be okay with us switching.  He agreed to it and I started on the switch.  So my craft thing boxes will be stored in the walk-in closet instead of the living room and man cave.  The vanity in the bathroom will be my sewing desk.  We'll see how this works out, but it seems promising.


Laurel said…
The kids and I just finished cleaning the great room. Cleaning is nice b/c it comes with instant gratification. Of course we need to organize every other room in the house, but at least the common areas look nice.

Natalie made a Valentine for Maddie, but I didn't mail it in time, so I am just going to email it to you. In fact I will do that right now.
sleepless said…
yay for making valentines !! yay for trying something new to make the house work best for you !! cute pregnant photo ! Sorry about the gas bill !!!
fogo said…
I bet the Vanity will work. It's were my ironing borad goes while sewing too. It used to be the bed but after #3 got burned that had to change.
Kira =] said…
The layer of fat is on the outside. Has nothing to do with feeling the baby move on the inside.

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