Monday Extra - Photo wall

I decided to rearrange our photos.  I'm not thoroughly in love with the placement, it kinda shows I didn't fully think it through.  And then I ran out of Command Damage-Free Hanging things.  I picked them up at Target because I worry about the heavier pictures on these nonexistant walls.  Anyway, that's how the pictures are up and I think it's pretty cool.  I still have at least Mr. Man's family picture to up under my family's picture.  I want to get vinyl lettering saying something fun to put above the pictures and I plan to do a line of 4x6 or 5x7 pictures along underneath the collages of the girls.  Which will need to be updated soon.

I really want to get Ikea's HEMNES Sofa table to go along that wall.
My other thought for that wall is to paint it a pale blue or like Behr Sonata.  I'm pondering painting the lower 3rd portion of the wall white(like Behr Frost) and sticking rail along the top to give it the look of wainscoting.

I think I've decided the lettering will either be the expected "Family is Forever" or "Make your life a story worth telling" or "Find Joy in your Journey" or "Family - the secret to having it all is knowing you already do".

Something like this, I just added text to my picture with picnik:


Sleepy said…
April has the stuff for the letters.
sleepless said…
You do have good taste ! Lexus ideas on a bicycle budget !
Burnhams said…
very nice! I know someone who can make those words for you :)
I love this one: "Family - the secret to having it all is knowing you already do".

I love your idea for painting the wall, too!

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