Not quite Wordless Wednesday

Pardon the odd flash glare giving the halo on the picture.  Here's a family picture drawn by Drama Queen a few weeks ago.  She handed it to me and I told her it was beautiful. . .then noticed someone was missing.  "Um, Drama Queen, Where's Mischief?"   She looks at the floor then looks up at me.  "Uh, she's in the house taking a nap."  Quick answer kiddo.

In other news, on Sunday Mischief stepped on a dressmaker's pin and it went about half way into her foot.  I pulled it out (which was actually slightly difficult) and put my thumb over it to stop the bleeding.  Then I put rubbing alcohol on it and a bandaid.  I was worried about her needing a tetanus shot and planned to call the doctor on Monday.  Then forgot.  I was going to call yesterday.  And forgot.  So today I looked up whether you can even give a 20 month old a tetanus shot and discovered, to my relief that she's had it already as part of her DTaP vaccine.  So there's the needed relief about that!


Laurel said…
I love her drawings, she such a great artist, like her mother! And I especially love when she sends us letters b/c she inspires Natalie. My favorite part is that she drew curly hair for you.
sleepless said…
Oh good on the shot ! She is a remarkable artist for her age !!!
Quick thinking on her part and on yours both! She's a talented little artist! Glad the needle didn't break off!!

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