Social Saturday - Fencing Tournament

Mr. Man had his first tournament for fencing today.  He decided fencing would be his fun class this semester (started in January) and he has been greatly enjoying it.

We got there in time to chat with him a little bit before he went to warm up for his Epee event.  Epee is the first form they have studied.

 They have a tiny little viewing area and we had fun peeking at each other from either side.  Mischief thought it was hilarious.
 The girls ended up restless as more and more people showed up to watch and space got cramped.  It was lunch time so after we watched Mr. Man's first "fight", as Drama Queen called it, we headed home.
 He greatly enjoys it and you can tell it makes him feel good about himself.  He has not only 3 classes a week but he goes to open practice night twice a week.  In the end he took 6th in Men' Epee, there were 24 in that. And he took 4th in Mixed Epee (men and women) vs. about 32 (that's how many were schedueled, I don't know if there were any no shows.)  That's pretty awesome for having only been doing it one month!

This picture of him makes my heart go pitter-patter!


Jennifer said…
Very cool! I like your last comment and it makes me sigh--I love "love" :)
sleepless said…
oH yA......AWESOME PHOTO OF HIM...Congrats. of placing Jordan !!

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