Sunday: Restaurant

This morning Drama Queen drew this fabulous picture.
I'm sure you can tell who it is.
Drama Queen invited me to her restaurant today.
She even set up a nice vase with flower on the table.
She asked my order like a proper waitress and brought me my requested vegetable plate, providing a fork and knife so I could cut and eat my tomato.
After I ate my meal she asked if I would like to order dessert and I asked what desserts she had.  She let me know she had strawberries and lemon.
After I thanked her for the delicious dessert, she brought me my bill and thanked me for coming to her restaurant.
That kid is so cute.


sleepless said…
I love it !! Way to go drama queen !! Cookie monster is AWESOME !! brilliant child you have there !!
Emily Robertson said…
I love the cookie monster drawing! So stinkin cute!

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