Saturday's Adventure

This morning at 7:15 the girls and I were laying on the couch watching vintage cartoons when there was a sudden scary loud noise and all the power shut off.  It flickered back on twice, both times ending with the big scary noise and then we had just no power at all.
This lead to a lesson on electricity and what items in the house require it.  Pretty much everything except the water heater (thankfully).  So no, Drama Queen, we can't make cookies.

I laid on the couch under my blanket with the girls occasionally joining me for TWO HOURS.  Then it suddenly came back on, so whatever happened got fixed.  By this time the house was down to 61 degrees.  Just a reinforcement of how when we buy a house some day we will have a wood burning stove in at least one room.

Mr. Man is off at this month's fencing tournament. His mandatory event (aka test) was at 8am, so the girls and I didn't go, he came home to get us before his Epee event and was proud to announce that he took first place in foil!  He's awesome!

We watched him warm up for Epee and then watched his first "fight".  Mr. Man is in the black pants.

 The girls loved watching daddy (though he lost the bout we saw)
 After lunch the girls and I went to the library and spent time just playing.  We have a very large friendly library.  The kids section is extremely child friendly.
 They added some couches to the kids section since we were there last!  They had lots of wooden benches before.
 The girls gave an impromptu preformance on the stage infront of the puppet theater in the Storytelling Wing.
 Back to the Fencing Academy after that where Daddy and Mischief did a bit of sword play.
 Then Mischief and Drama Queen had fun running around the practice room and sword fighting.

Fun day!


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