Truth is. . .Thursday

Truth is. . .I think a breast cancer survivor wearing a shirt that says "Of course they're fake, the real ones tried to kill me!"  is hilarious.  I was the only one laughing that hard though when the story was shared.  I still giggle at the thought.  It makes me happy that someone who's been through that can have such a sense of humor.

Truth is. . .it was kind of hard to not hover while my husband was using the sewing machine today.

Truth is. . .a seven-layer chocolate cake sounds really really good right now.

Truth is. . .ghosts in the hall were not my only night time fear.  Until I got married I was also terrified of the monster under the bed.  I always had to have my bed up against the wall and would sleep close to the wall. I could clearly imagine this grotesque arm and hand reaching up to grab me.  I don't know what I thought the monster/boogie man would do, kill me or eat me or something I guess, but I was terrified.  I'm not sure if the fear went away because I feel more secure having a man in my bed now or because the top of the mattress is like 40" off the floor and even the boogie man's arm isn't that long.

Truth is. . .I never watched Grey's Anatomy because I was afraid it would be like E.R. which was a odd and soap opera-y melodrama, I didn't make it past more than one episode of that show.  Yesterday I decided to try Grey's Anatomy on Netflix and am absolutely loving this show!  It's hilarious and so much better than E.R. in the much more realistic category.  No bus crash/helicopter crash/earthquake all in one episode.

Truth is. . .I'm kind of grateful for the excess nausea I am getting this pregnancy, cause otherwise I don't feel pregnant.  I just feel fat.

Truth is. . .the only productive thing I did today was replace the zipper and elastic on a fencing jacket.  If the coach approves of the replacement I may have a "job" fixing the rest of the ones that need replacements.  Sure I won't make much at all, but it's something.

Truth is. . .I think it's gross that Mischief thinks ketchup is a food group.  It goes with everything, but most especially fingers.

Truth is. . .we FINALLY came up with a girl name incase this baby turns out to be another girl.  We hope to come up with more options, but at least we have a start.  Plenty of boy names we like to pick through though!


Julianna said…
How have I not seen that shirt??? Way funny!

Wait. Ketchup isn't a food group?
Anonymous said…
Grey's Anatomy will change after 2 seasons and become very soapy with all the crazy accidents put together
3rdtimeMom said…
Nnnnnnnnnoooooooo!!! That's horrible! The first season was good and the second is two! You say they killed it after that?!
Burnhams said…
So I love that shirt, hilarious! and I too am glad they can see something funny in going through something so serious.

my bed sits on the floor for a reason... no bed frame for me.
Anonymous said…
Oh PLEASE do share these names! Or are they a surprise??
3rdtimeMom said…
If I knew who you were I'd share! But I will be polling for a blog nickname once we find out the baby's gender.
We're keeping the kids real names off of here.
sleepless said…
Emily Robertson said…
I love the shirt!!!! I totally want to buy one for my friend! That is awesome!
SabrinaT said…
I think its an age thing.. My son seems to think all "dip" is a food group. He refuses to eat anything that does not come with dip. This weeks favorite is sesame.

Your girls are so cute!!

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