Tutu Tuesday: Cleaning, Organizing, Sorting

We're having a busy day today.
Trying to get control of the chaos that is our house.
The girls are loving having boxes of toys they haven't seen in months.  
Nesting, anyone?
Mommy had her medicine dosage increased, let's see if in a month mommy is giddy and happy and productive without (small in consideration for the baby) dosages of caffiene.

 Mischief was so sad that daddy was going to school without her.
 "Daddy?  Daddy?"
 "There he is! Bye daddy"
 Building a wonder blocks tower.
 Buildng a house
 Mommy sorting fabrics  into boxes.  Fall/winter, fleece/interfacing/batting, fancy, cottons, knits, scraps.
fabric boxes filled and moved to my closet
 More forgotten toys!


sleepless said…
It is TRULY amazing when you rotate toys back in...it is like it is all new to them !!! Conhgrats...on trying to tame your enviornment ! Keep doing your best !
Emily Robertson said…
I am a wee bit jealous of your fabric boxes...
I LOVE that DQ is building a tower around herself!

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