Tutu Tuesday - warmer weather

The weather is supposed to steadily get colder this week so we took full advantage of the 50 degree weather.  We drew with chalk on the sidewalk, Drama Queen rode her scooter and Mischief enjoyed her scoot bike.
 Then we went to the park and played until lunch time.

 Mischief can now climb up the stairs herself and spends her time running from one end to the other as she is too afraid to go down on her own.  She's willing to go with mommy though!
Drama Queen decided to try funny new ways to walk.

 It was so nice to have some sunshine and a chance to be outside without freezing and without being bundled!

Butterfly is what I'm going to call the third kid until Thursday.  Starting last night Butterfly started making up for lost movement and is now quite the wiggler.  Not just during the night while I was laying still, right now Butterfly is kicking and squirming away.  It makes me very happy.

On Monday we stopped by the elementary school and picked up the paperwork we need to register Drama Queen for Kindergarten in the fall.  It is rather sad to me that though there are 6 kids in her primary class, only one of them (and I'm actually guessing on that, that kid's birthday is the only one I don't know) might end up in her Kindergarten class.  The other four are born after September and so are held back a year.  Dumb!  The thought of kindergarten brings me to all the lies I tell Drama Queen.  Such as if she doesn't learn to zip up her coat and pants herself, she can't go.  Or that if she wants to go to school, she needs to learn to wipe when she goes potty and always flush and wash her hands afterwards.  I'm a horrible mother.

Today Mischief said two new words.  Pop, in reference to a lollipop, and movie.  A catalog of her other words: eat (eee), drink (deen), mom, mommy, mama,  dad, daddy,  me, book (booh), read (ree), up (uh!), out (ow), down (ow-n), woof, meow, quack (qu-ah), moo, neigh (knee!), cheese, molasses (num-num), shoe, poopy, uh-oh, Abby, Henry (En-ee), Maddie (Mah-ee), Ava (a-buh), Jordan (Jornin), hi, bye, done, okay (oh hey), bubble (buh-bow), balloon (boon), more (moe), eye, light (ligh), juice (ju)


Emily Robertson said…
so glad you guys got out for the nice weather! I have been loving not wearing my winter doat!
Isabelle was one of the only ones left behind in her primary class, so i know how you feel...just in a slightly different way =)
sleepless said…
wow..kindergarten already..wow Elastic waist pants are always a solution...YAY for outside play !!!! You are a fine mom...don't sweat the small stuff .

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