Tutu Tuesday

Today at the WIC office Drama Queen lived up to her name and went into hysterics about the finger prick.  She watched me do it with minor flinching, and Mischief, who was terrified at the doctor office look of the room had no problem at all.  As soon as we said it was DQ's turn though, she was sobbing and sitting on her hands.  Even after it was over it took quite a while to get her to calm down.  I guess I should at least be glad she didn't freak out about the height and weight measurements like she used to.  About twenty minutes later she was telling me how it didn't hurt.  She did bleed ALL over though.  I had to put the bandaid on her finger myself because the lady who was doing the testing had blood covering her gloves.  I'm not exaggerating either.  It made me realize that oh, Drama Queen doesn't really get hurt ever, so that's probably why it surprised me.  DQ told me she had so much blood because she's getting bigger.

The WIC program now gives you bread/tortillas/or brown rice, as well as produce.  You can also get CANNED beans instead of just the dry kind.  Which is fabulous for days when I don't remember to put the beans to soak.  I'll be soaking some tonight though because pot beans sounds real good.  We dropped Jordan off at school and he is going to take the bus home.  The WIC office is right by our WinCo which is one of the greatest grocery stores ever.  So we went straight from our appointment to the grocery store.  It is freezing outside and the wind is icy fierce.  The girls are now sitting at the table enjoying bowls of Honey Kix cereal.  I'm going to either have some spaghetti or eat some pinto beans and cheese on corn tortillas.  Yum!

I'll post pictures of the girls later when we do something exciting, as I didn't take the camera with us to this morning's adventure.  The WIC office didn't hassle me about either girl's weight.  They did tell me that if I wanted to try Mischief on Pediasure, I could get a note from the Pediatrician and they'd add pediasure to our WIC vouchers.  I think I will take them up on that since I need to take Mischief into the doctor's anyway as the skin on her hands, fingers, and toes has randomly started peeling.  I've been putting lanolin on one of her big toes as the skin is cracking as well.  We do lotion her up after baths, so I don't know what's causing this.  It doesn't seem to bother her except at night when she gets fidgety and starts rubbing her hands together.

I'm very happy that we are again using the benefits of the WIC program.  It's such a blessing to know that we will not run out of milk or cereal.


Julianna said…
Probably ecsema. You could try Neosporin.

I loved WIC. They really have alot more options now. I'm surprised they cut you off, here you're eligable until the youngest kid is 5.
sleepless said…
What a fun day full of different adventures !!!! Thanks for sharing so I feel like I know what is going on !

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