Tutu Tuesday

The girls had a busy day today.  First they had a chance to play with a bunch of kids this morning when we went to a brunch potluck at my cousin's house.  It was so much fun and Drama Queen lived up to her name and burst into tears when it was time to go.  After that we had lunch and naptime then loaded up the car and took some of our excess stuff to the thrift store by way of my brother's house so my sis-in-law could see if there were any books she wanted.  I'm trying to cut our books down to just two bookcases.
Mischief's favorite part of today was playing on the stairs at my cousin's house.  It took about an hour before I stopped having a panic attack when I saw her on them.  She loved the watermelon that was brought to the brunch.  She forgot all about her banana in favor of grapes and watermelon.  She then proceeded to snack on every other child's abandoned plate.  None of them were sick so I had no problem with that. lol.  We picked up a nice stool at the thrift store that's not quite as tall as the stool we currently have so it will be comfortable for Mischief to use to get on the potty.  She's getting closer to being ready.  She's no longer scared of the toilet and occasionally requests to just sit on it for no reason, she gets very excited about that.
Today she walked up to me, pointed to her diaper and said very clearly, "poo poo". It was so cute, and I hope she continues to get closer to being toilet trained!  I tried on Saturday to pull her off of bottles cold turkey.  Instead of it being a smooth transition, she stopped drinking milk all together.  Even if I mixed in some "num num" (molasses) she had no interest in drinking it from a hard top sip cup.  Saturday, Sunday, Monday. . .she refused to drink any milk.  Tonight I gave her a bottle of num num milk.  She was so happy and ran to her bed. You can still see some of the molasses on the bottom of the bottle.  Night-night Bobo. (I randomly asked her one day this past week if she was Bobo (like bow-bow or beau-beau not boo-boo) and she said yes.  And I ask her everyday if she's still Bobo, and she still says yes.

Drama Queen has spent the last two days playing with vintage little people.  Tonight for bed she chose one of my favorite story books as her bedtime story.  She wanted it yesterday but I told her I could only do a short story that night.  Tonight I read it.  It's called Phoebe's Revolt.  I don't know who it's by, but it's easy to find at the thrift store as it must have been a required read for some grade at one point.  It's a poem that flows beautifully and is about this little girl in 1904 who decides she doesn't want to wear dresses and lace and ruffles and bows but wants to wear her daddy's clothes.
DQ absolutely loves playing at anyone else's house.  She's getting better at getting along with other children as well.  She adored playing with my cousin's kids today.  She loves cleaning also and freaks out whenever soap residue gets on her bathroom counter.  We need to get a soap dish.  Yesterday she decided to clean the kitchen.  And proceeded to do so.  She cleaned off the table, washed the table and swept the floor.  Awesome!  She did not want to go to bed tonight.  She fought sleep until about 8:30pm when she finally was too tired to come up with a new excuse as to why she needed to get up out of bed (potty, drink, hugs, kisses, tv too loud, needs music, too hot, too cold, needs a new book, here's her reading light, etc).  Ah, blissful sleep.  Please child, do not come to my bed at midnight tonight like last night.  Two adults, a preschooler and a toddler make for a very crowded queen-size bed.  Mr. Man's only comment on it (as he had half the bed to himself still) was "Drama Queen smelled like pee."  Well duh, that's why we put her in pull-ups every night so the beds don't end up smelling like pee.  We're still working on that with her.  Not working on it very hard though, I don't really know what to do as I have no desire to wake her up to pee in the night when it's so hard to get her to sleep in the first place!


Laurel said…
1. I can't believe you are already starting potty training!
2. Why Bobo?
3. I recently bought my kids a vacuum, it is less than 4 lbs. and is small enough for them to use, now they take turns vacuuming and our floor is so clean!
4. I read that its normal for kids to have wet nights and its not even considered bet wetting until 6.
sleepless said…
Glad you had fun at your cousins !!!

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