Wednesday's work

Today I spent majority of the day with my sewing patterns.  Why?  Well because at one point in my life I had a habit of not putting pieces back in the envelopes.  I also have a helper named Mischief who likes to empty pattern envelopes and scatter the contents.  I had two large boxes and one small one of stray pattern pieces and instructions.  So I grabbed all 6 pattern drawers and first put the patterns in numerical order by pattern maker.  Then I separated all the scattered pieces by pattern maker and set forth on the tedious task of matching piece to pattern.  I got almost all found, and discovered a handful of patterns that I found the instructions and pieces to, but not the envelopes.

I did take a break during which we took books back to the library, then went up to Auto Zone to find out why our battery keeps dying.  They tested it and decided it was bad and not the alternator(again).  Since the battery was purchased at an Auto Zone and was less than a year old, they replaced it for free.  Awesome!!  Despite that Mr. Man had discovered that for some reason one set of lights on the car was not turning off and he said he'd just disconnect the battery tonight so it wouldn't drain, and he'd take it in tomorrow.  Being a woman who reads instructions first, out of the glove compartment I pulled the owner's manual, looked up lights and read it to him.  We discovered that the car has "position lights" which have a random separate button. . .located on the top of the steering wheel column.  At some point in the last 24 hours, this button must have gotten pushed by something and so was in the on position.  He turned it off and problem solved.  Hurray!

And in my pattern sorting I found my Matilda Jane Clothing imitation pattern (by Portabello Pixie) and can now make a knot dress for Mischief as I already hunted up and decided on what fabric to use for it.

Tonight Mr. Man went over to my eldest brother's house and got some help with his math homework (thanks brother!) then went to fencing practice.  He loves his fencing class and is doing excellently.  Not only does he fence during his classes, but he enjoys going two nights a week and this Saturday has a tournament (aka final).  He is even enjoying his English class this semester.  The teacher he has tells them exactly what she expects to have in the homework and doesn't go off on weird unrelated though possibly important but not always tangents like the teacher he had last semester.

So today ended with Mischief eating a big dinner (hurray!) and my emptying two boxes of stuff (I willingly admit I am disorganized and a hoarder.  I was in denial growing up, but I totally recognize and dislike it now.  Incase you didn't already know that).  Yesterday evening ended with me finally getting a notarized sworn statement to order Mischief's birth certificate from California!  Tomorrow I'll go to the bank and get a cashier's check to send with it since our month's money showed up in the mail today.  We really love having so much milk in the house. Instead of reserving it for cereal, cooking, and peanut butter sandwiches,  we can drink it freely without worrying we're going to run out of milk (though I have two bags of powdered milk in the cupboard just in case.  We'll call it food storage).  Mischief, having spent most of her life on sweetened milk, first breastmilk and then vanilla flavored soy, rice or almond milk, doesn't particularly like plain cow milk.  I discovered the solution without adding sugar and artificial flavoring to her milk.  Molasses!  She has at least two cups of molasses milk a day.  I add about half a teaspoonful of molasses and after the molasses as dripped as much as it can off of the spoon, I give it to her to lick.  She loves molasses as much as her mommy! (oh yes, I can eat molasses by the spoonful - the dark kind, preferably blackstrap).

This morning I didn't feel like blogging at all, but I'm so proud of myself for getting those patterns together today!  Now to tackle the rest of the living room mess. . . .ugh.
And because I never got around to posting pictures of the girls yesterday. . .
Drama Queen requested, yesterday, that I come take a picture of her and her baby. . .I can't remember if the box was being a bath or a bed at this time.  Usually it's a bath, but she is pretty good at not letting her "babies" bathe clothed. . . so maybe this time it's a bed?  or a playpen?  Albeit making the baby eat the the tub is pretty convenient since they usually need to be hosed down afterward. . .

And here's a video of Mischief taken at dinner last night by Mr. Man.  She'd been doing the head thing for about two minutes before he started filming.  She was hilarious and odd and she knew it.


sleepless said…
Funny Kids !!! I am glad you have your own little tin house to live in !! It is so cute to see what is going on there !! CONGRATULATIONS on getting pattern pieces where they go...I always seem to have pieces missing or in the wrong place or sitting out..waiting for a home !!! [and I can't blame it on a child !]
sleepless said…
Pay your space rent and mail off for her birth certificate today !! Good Job !
Julianna said…
Buy 1 gallon "ziplock" bags at the dollar store and put each pattern in it. Every new pattern that comes in, get a new bag and put the pieces in the ziplock with the instructions.

I started doing this back in HS, because I could never get the pattern back in the envelope without ripping it. Then I'd just file it away for when ever I needed it next!

Great tip with the molasses... I'd never thought of that!

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