What we do Wednesday

This morning I made Cinnamon Rolls.  I've been wanting some for a while, but dislike how long cinnamon rolls take to make and the whole scalding milk part just seems like a lot of work (you have my permission to roll your eyes at me) but I refuse to pay $3 for a roll of Pillsbury Grands which has only 5 cinnamon rolls in it. 
Anyway, I finally made some.
Even made cream cheese frosting for them.
I also moved the girls bookcase to the opposite side of the toy area and moved my pattern drawers into my closet and the boxes of misc. papers into the man cave.  Now I want to take a nap before sorting through my bookcases and moving them.  If only.
Drama Queen wasn't sharing the ball Mischief wanted so she headed off to the girls room with her arms folded and a super pout on her face and was muttering "ball" in the most woeful voice.
I grabbed the camera and found her on Drama Queen's bed looking oh so melancholy.

"Baow" (ball) she tells me.  
 Then grins and holds up a duck and joyfully exclaims, "Quak Quak!"  (quack quack, she doesn't say animal names yet, just what they say)
 So easily distracted. . .then Oh!  "igh!" (light)
 and an on/off game began.  Oh the delights of a child.
 When she decided she was done in there she headed back to the toys.  Drama Queen had abandoned the marble works by then so Mischief and I took over.
 She gets so delighted in watching the marble go down!
 Drama Queen built her third wonder block creation of the day.   
(sorry there's only one picture of her)
 Mr. Man had the morning off from school so he napped and watched some shows on the computer until it was time for fencing.  He also called the water heater maker company and they're mailing us the part they think we need to get our water heater working again (it stopped working yesterday).


sleepless said…
Well thanks for the fun photos of the girls !! Your cinnamon rolls look FABULOUS !! YAY YOU !! I hope the man registered the car [so you qualify for a new car seat]......sorry about your water heater !!
Emily Robertson said…
You are still being way productive! I am super impressed! My productivity seems to fast a lot faster...=)
I can't wait to see all of the new arranging and stuff you have done!
fogo said…
You make me want to make cin. rolls too. Those look so very yummy.

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