Thursday, March 31, 2011

Truth is. . .Thursday

Truth is. . .I woke up, walked out of my room and was met with the the words "It's okay mom, I'm cleaning up the mess."

Truth is. . .the mess was the kitchen floor completely covered with red, blue, and white non-pareils(sprinkles).  Sprinkles which Drama Queen told me she wanted to open yesterday and I told her no, she was not to open them.

Truth is. . .her scissors which were returned a day ago, have once again been taken away.  At least we did get some good "egg making" in.  I refuse to buy plastic eggs again, so we used scrapbook paper to cut egg shapes out.  DQ is just as thrilled. 

Truth is. . .I'm trying to get stuff listed on ebay right now and the kids are not being so agreeable to letting me do so.  And they were so good yesterday.  

Truth is. . .I'm watching Buffy as well.  Starting at the beginning as I've only ever seen maybe three episodes total.  Oh look it's a young Booth. . .whatever the actors name is. . .

Truth is. . .Mr. Man is super stressed about school right now.  He's already on academic probation for failing a class last semester and I guess he's worried about two of his classes this semester even though he says he's done all the work.  I really kind of think he should have just gotten an apprenticeship somewhere.  

Truth is. . .I'm going to go make a lemon cake for breakfast.  I need comfort food today.  Again.  I'm going to get fat this pregnancy.  Oh well.  As of tomorrow we won't have health insurance anyway!  We won't have medicaid until we can give them the needed paperwork which includes my birth certificate which still has yet to be found.  Stress. Stress. Stress.

Truth is. . .I'm grateful for the accordian folder my dad gave to me when we last lived with them.  As I keep finding these important documents I'm filing them away in it so I never have to go through this hunt again!

Truth is. . .Mischief goes into time-out quite obediently, but spends the entire time fake pouting.  Here she's in time-out for walking up to Drama Queen and whacking her on the head with a wonder block. 
After these pictures she heard a car, grinned and asked, "daddy?"

Truth is. . .I think making grocery lists is another stressful thing.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tutu Tuesday

I don't have any new pictures of the girl to post, but I'll talk about them.

They are excitedly going through the toy trunks right now.  Drama Queen was specifically looking for her My Little Pony ponies.  Mischief on the other hand is just digging through them and exclaiming with delight over everything.

Mischief and I walked to the grocery store this morning for bananas.  While there I checked to see if they had any reduced price salads, and they did, and a worker right near that area pointed out all the other reduced price stuff I never would have noticed.  All precut stuff like carrot sticks and fresh stirfry veggies.  So exciting, bought a bunch with WIC!!

Mr. Man stopped and bought Tangled on his way home from work this morning, so we watched it first thing this morning.  Mischief and I hadn't seen it before but Mr. Man and taken Drama Queen to see it in the theater.  It was really good!

We also got strawberries this morning and they made it home but only lasted long enough to be washed and hulled.  I got to eat three of them.

Mischief says new words everyday now.  Whenever we're out in the car she shouts "Guck! Guck!" anytime she sees a truck of any sort.  Today on the way home from the grocery store, she looked up in the sky and and proclaimed "Peen!"  and sure enough there was an airplane above us.  When we got home Mischief had a tantrum because the gate for the dog's room was too low for her to crawl under.  She was crying and calling "Ow! Demmie gog!"  Which meant she wanted Dempsea out of his kennel so she could go in it.  It's not often she calls an animal by it's name.  Dogs are normally "woof woof", pigs a closed mouth "Ong, ong", cows "Oooo", horses "knee", ducks "qack".

Yesterday, I finished a skirt for Drama Queen that my mom suggested to me. It should fit her for a new years.  I'm going to make a few button aprons for it and some matching tops.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Crazy dream last night.  Family reunion, getting burgers at some random little joint, Anthony Bourdain there as part of his own family reunion, letting go thousands of balloons, seeing a monorail crash breaking a dam, Getting everyone running, everyone being caught in flood of water.  Mischief disappearing, me freaking out because we're all in, essentially a lazy river like at a water park, fast flowing river with occasional swirling vortexes of terror.  Of course no one but me was panicking and the only reason I was was because my Mischief had disappeared.
Never before been so grateful to have had Mischief come to my bed in the middle of the night.  After the fear of losing her, it was nice to have her there as a reminder it was just a dream.

At this time Mischief is pushing her tiny baby around in the doll stroller around the living room while Drama Queen gets her teddy bear dressed.  The movie How to Train Your Dragon is playing in the other room as background sound.  Mr. Man is sleeping as his first two classes of the day were canceled.  I'm online price hunting for laundry and dishwasher detergant ingredients before heading over to the store to see if they even have the needed items and if they do how the prices compare.   Of course any the in store pricing may wait until Friday when we get our April money because I hate finding the things I need and not being able to buy them.  I also plan to go to the dollar store to pick up a grater and measuring cups/spoons to be for the use in making said products.  And now the girls are fighting because Drama Queen's bear is being the police man and stopping the stroller pushing Mischief which is not a game that Mischief wants to play.  Thus resulting in Drama Queen going to her room and pouting while Mischief continues her tour of the house.  Then they agreed to clean up the toys that were out so I would get down the Rainbow Brite paper dolls.  Thus leading to Drama Queen in tears when Mischief used the rainbow stickers because apparently the rainbow stickers are girl stickers not baby stickers so Mischief was not to use them.  I told her to trade Mischief with some other stickers, but she did not so I have little sympathy as Drama Queen sits crying and watching Mischief as Mischief sings and puts stickers on her paper.
Then within a few minutes they're happily playing paper dolls together.  Life with little girls is so emotional!

It's interesting to me how the older I get the more interested in self-sufficiency I am.  And then there's my husband who hates gardening, eats only beige colored food (no really we went to Chuck-A-Rama, a buffet, on payday and the only color on his plate was first the tomato sauce and pepperoni on his piece of pizza and on his second plate of food he had ketchup for his fried breaded fish, everything else was the same color as the breaded fish or pizza crust).  Maybe I'm desiring to be self-sufficient for when he dies a a young age?  Oy.
Anyway, we've gotten our garden started.  When our tax refund arrives I'm going to get compost to mix in so it can be a healthy garden (the peas still aren't growing, though the new ones we planted still have a handful of days before they're supposed to have sprouted).  I'm hunting up some free wood pallets to make compost bins with, if that fails I'll do the cheap composter version of chicken wire, I just fear the neighbors behind us will complain about how it looks, they already don't like us because of our dog.  I'm going to make us some laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent because I've discovered how much cheaper it is to make them yourself!  Okay i knew that about laundry detergent, but I haven't made any because everyone keeps getting HE washers and giving us their old detergents.  But we're down to the last half of a tub now, so I'll make us some.  And I'm tired of our dishes being speckled and not so clean as I'd like due to the inefficiency of the cheap detergents we buy.  Anyway.  There's my current tangent.  I watched three documentaries yesterday on eating local and or "no impact".  So inspiring.  If only those type of movies didn't bore my husband to death the way his anime bores me.  I was excited to see that on Vision Forum the Homestead Blessings DVDs are half off until this weekend!  I've been wanting most of them for over a year now.  We'll see if I get to buy them or not.  They do go on sale a few times a year.  We're almost out of disposible diapers again and I am going to get back into cloth diapering her.  Though she's still having horrible explosive poopy diapers, which I am wondering if it's due to her milk intake.  She's gaining weight though so I don't want to go back to expensive almond or coconut milk!  Her poo is far from "healthy" looking though.  It's not diarrhea but it's just as nasty.  I need to get more diaper pins because I'm like flat folds with wool covers best right now.  Though we need more flat folds with the rate she's going through diapers.  I'm sure I have flannel I can use.   Huh, another interesting natural product. . .using rubbing alcohol as a deoderant.  Interesting.

And yes, today's Monday is pure ramble.  My husband isn't interested in this sort of talk, but I want to talk about it!
I think it's funny how giddy I get about these things.  Here I am stuck inside. It's freezing and crazy windy out there with occasional snow flurries.  I'm going to find out who at church has a pressure canner.  While I'm looking forward to the fresh produce of summer, I'm just as excited to have organic home canned produce in the winter!!  If only I knew what to do with things like pickled green beans.  Freezing produce isn't an option for us, for two reasons, one, we only have the small freezer attached to the fridge, and two, to me preserving the harvest is about self sufficiency and in the event of a power outage (no I have no desire to own a generator) there goes your frozen stuff.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Awesome is when you go to DI and find a vintage suitcase for a photo prop, plus 3 Encyclopedia Brown books and 3 Ramona books, some fabulous 70s patterns and a pair of hot pink corduroy pants that are blinged up on the back pockets (for the 4 yr old of course).

Awesome of a different version is when you discover you left the keys in the car.  And you remembered to lock the car.

Awesome-oadv (see above) is when you didn't shower that morning so your hair is pulled up and all frizzy around your face and you're wearing your ragged old reliable coat that is stretched tight around your ballooning stomach and you have your dirty faced toddler in a shopping cart that has a full grocery sack, your purse, and of course a suitcase, and you push that shopping cart along in search of the elusive. . . . .pay phone.

Awesome-oadv is when you push a filled shopping cart down the street to Walgreens in hope they have a pay phone and when they don't you go in and ask if they know where you can find one and you are directed across the street to 7-eleven where you immediately head only to find out that their phone is out of order.

Awesome-oadv is when you go into 7-eleven and ask the clerk who at first ignores you because you look like a transient with a shopping cart holding all your worldly possessions plus the child you stole when it's mother wasn't looking.

Awesome is when the 7-eleven clerk tells you that Maceys has a pay phone, and he's pretty sure it's the nearest one so you head over to Maceys and find not one, but two fabulous working pay phones.

Awesome-oadv is when you call home and no one picks up because your husband is asleep and your four year old doesn't know how to answer the phone.

Awesome-oadv is when you call 4 times over the space of an hour with no response despite hollering for your 4 yr old to go wake up her father.

Awesome is when you give up on the calling and buy some donuts and juice at the grocery store and discover they make RASPBERRY fritters.  Mmmmmmmm.

Awesome is when there's also a troup of girl scouts outside the store so you're able to buy their last box of Do-Si-Does to send to France as it's the last day of Girl Scout cookies until next year.

Awesome-oadv is pushing previously described shopping cart back over to DI and in the process of going over a very uneven street you get stuck on a part where the street is up 2 or 3 inches higher than the part you're on and there's a car 5 feet behind you trying to make a right turn, so you finally get the heavy shopping cart up and over said "bump" and end up jarring the toddlers hands making her drop 2/3rds of her donut resulting in instant tears and trauma as she wails while reaching out to the left behind bit of food.

Awesome-oadv is when you discover that there's no sidewalk along the stretch of road you took when heading back thus leaving you to walk on the shoulder of the road with fear that a car will come roaring around the bed and whack into the three of you (that's right, Butterfly counts in such instances!)

Awesome is when the weather for all this is nice and overcast with a not to hot, not too cold temperature.

Awesome is when your toddler is quite content to play on the grass in front of where your car is parked while you read an Encyclopedia Brown book.

Awesome-oadv is when the wind starts picking up and you start getting cold and tired of waiting for someone to finally check the answering machine and hear your messages so you get up and start the trek back to Maceys, first stashing all your purchases into the suitcase and tucking it into the luggage/bike rack bars on top of your car praying no one will take it while you're gone.

Awesome is finding a shorter, safer route to Maceys.

Awesome is calling home and having your husband answer and confirm that he will come rescue you.

Awesome-oadv is when you try to kill some more time by walking around the dollar store only to have the toddler, who is getting tired and raunchy, latch onto some sticky squishy octopus toy things and scream bloody murder when you take them away from her and continues screaming half of the way back to DI.

Awesome is finding an even shorter route from Maceys to DI which is part of the river trail and so it distracts your little Mischief one as she excitedly points to the river and is quiet while you walk through the tunnel that goes under the street.

Awesome is not waiting very long before your husband arrives with your brother and unlocks the car.

Awesome-oadv is when he asks where your Drama Queen is, to which you reply, she was at home with you, and have him counter that no, she's not at home.  No one was home when he got up.

Awesome-oadv is when you drive home as fast as you dare because well, you're driving without a license as it is, and apparently your 4 yr old has disappeared.

Awesome is when your suspicion that she went next door is true and that your suitcase, which you forgot was on top of the car at the news that the Drama Queen was missing, is still safely on top of the car.

Awesome is knowing there's little to no chance of this day happening again.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm on a retro kick again.  Been watching The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries from 1977.  I'm absolutely in love with Nancy's wardrobe.
Last year when I was also on a retro kick, I picked up a bunch of 70s patterns at the thrift store for real cheap.  They're missing their envelopes.  While the instructions do show images of what the pattern makes, it doesn't have the needed yardage or notions.  So what do I do to remedy this?  About every month I go onto ebay and etsy and search for each of the patterns.  Etsy is best because the sellers there tend to photograph the front and back of the envelopes.  I hadn't been successful until today, I found three.

Woo hoo!  Now I can make me some high waisted pants and v-neck shirts so after I have this baby I can be like Nancy drew.  What did women with curly hair do in the 70s, are there any good curly hair styles from then?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What we did on Wednesday (and today)

Wednesday was a beautiful day.  We played outside.  There were lots of cute little purple flowers growing in the grass.  The girls enjoyed picking them.

 Drama Queen built this nifty little. . .um, whatever it is:

 DQ watered the crocuses which have flowered.
 Today was not so pleasant weather wise.  We went to the Mall to play at the play area.  Drama Queen kept finding new friends to play with and this older girl got her to be brave and climb across the dino ribs.

 Mischief really loved the marble globe water ball thing.

Truth is. . .Thursday

  • I like the hard overcooked (but not burnt) edge brownies, cream of wheat when it has lumps, and the undissolved skin of jello on the bottom of the bowl.
  • I don't like homemade meat sandwiches.  PB&J I like at home.  But when it comes to lunch meat sandwiches, I prefer going to a deli or Subway or Hogi Yogi.  Everything, including mayonnaise(when it's squeezed out of a bottle rather than spread on) tastes different and better there. 
  • It was hard to put Mischief to bed in her big girl bed last night.  I laid her down gave her a hug and as I moved to get up, she locked her arms around my neck and mournfully wailed "Mom!"  I held strong and left.  She did fall asleep quickly at least.
  • Mischief is more excited in the morning about the prospect of a banana than about anything or anyone else.
  • As much as I love watching paranormal and ghost hunting shows, Mr. Man is quite right in saying that I'd wet myself if we ever lived in a haunted house.
  • I didn't sleep much last night due to trying to stay laying on my side for the baby and yet upright at the same time so I could breathe.
  • I snickered when I heard Drama Queen trip over something and say "Oww" followed by Mischief laughing and Drama Queen exclaiming "It's not funny!!"  Mischief learned this from Drama Queen.  Really, we are trying to teach them that people getting hurt is not funny. 
  • I want to get started with today's sewing, but something in me says I can't until it's light outside.  I'm so not loving daylight savings time.  
  • It drives me nuts when the screen door is left open.  Mr. Man can never remember to close it behind him.  It's a windy time of year and the sound of it swinging back and forth freaks me out like someone is trying to get in.
  • The girls figured out that some of the doll house furniture had spots for batteries and therefore did something.  I admit I was curious too so DQ and I put batteries in 2 days ago.  They all play music.  Mr. Man's response? "You gave them noisy toys!!"  Ya, that's right, we don't have any other battery operated toys besides the ABC computer.  We're old school like that.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I went to bed at 11:30pm after Mr. Man got back from the grocery store (Thanks for buying a dress Aunt Mary!! Our tummies thank you!)  Drama Queen was still up with him because she took a nap from 4pm to 6pm.      Mischief woke up I'm assuming around 1am. . .I don't know, I just know he put her in our bed. and from that time forth I struggled sleeping.  I think that's around the same time he put Drama Queen down.
Mischief was very restless for sure at about 3:30.  She wanted a drink, I got her a drink.  For the next hour she was very restless.  Mr. Man was having trouble sleeping so he got up again and I took Mischief out to him, changed her diaper and got back in bed.  He brought her back with him at about 5am.  Mischief kept climbing in and out of bed.  Finally I got up with her and laid on the couch watching Bear in the Big Blue House.  She kept making throw up motions, but never threw up, she fights it.  I suspected she didn't feel good yesterday, and now I'm sure of it.
So well, I'm tired.  Really tired.  Having brownies for breakfast tired because it was made and there and waiting.  Today's goals:

  • finish putting laundry away (from Friday) there are two loads left
  • cut out dress pieces
  • sew ruffled bums
  • dishes
  • vacuum play room

So there was silence for about 15 minutes in the girls bedroom and I thought Mischief was asleep.  Until there was a sudden knock on the bedroom door and the exclaimation of "Mommy! Mommy!"  I open the door to lay Mischief back down and discover why it had been silent.  She'd been playing dress up!  She got some wings on all by herself (a first).  It looks like a nap won't be happening today either, as it didn't happen yesterday.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tutu Tuesday

After watching Peter Pan while Mischief was taking her nap, Drama Queen decided to be a pirate.  She proceeded to build a ship a'la GrĂ¼n, Blau, Rot -Wir bauen ein Pirateenboot.  That's right I read my kids books that are in Deutsch.
 Then she requested help in tying on some pirate hats, using play silks, and also asked for assistance making a telescope.  All of it was completely her ideas, I didn't have any sort of influence at all.  It made me so proud!

In other news, I am highly pondering whether Drama Queen is going to be dyslexic like Mr. Man.  I know it's normal for kids to write some letters backwards or upside down, I know in kindergarten I did.  But her "school work" today had me concerned.  She had the numbers laid out in front of her as she looked at the picture and then was to write the number of how many of each item was in the picture.  This is what she wrote.  The answers are 3, 4, 6, 3.
As you can see every number is either backwards or upside down.  I tried to explain it to her and she didn't comprehend it at all and she though her numbers looked just like the ones on the blocks.

Mischief did great in her big girl bed for both naptime and bedtime yesterday.  Even with Drama Queen being still awake!  DQ said this morning that she sang Mischief a lullaby and Mischief went right to sleep.  She must have been singing very quietly because I didn't hear a peep from either of them.
Though I was the only one that would eat the Masam Daal (Indian style lentils) a few days ago.  The girls approved of today's Garlicky Quinoa and broccoli.  Both girls were leery of the chickpeas, though Drama Queen ate hers with the promise of jello when she cleaned her bowl.  I'm all for bribery like that.  Mischief refused to eat all her chickpeas, but she did request more broccoli (the kid LOVES broccoli).  I blanched the broccoli instead of just putting it in raw like the recipe says.  Instead of being dinners the "packaged" meals have been moved to lunches because Mr. Man refuses to even think of eating them.  In his opinion we have no food at all and I'm supposed to call the Relief Society President today to make a food order.

Another inspiration for creativity came from an episode of Angelina Ballerina that Drama Queen watched yesterday.  In it Angelina used a broom for a dance partner.  Yes, that's right, our brooms now have lovely faces.  I think they're cute!  Drama Queen drew them on.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Shiny happy people laughing

I have a tendency to switch between things I'm interested in.  Like when we first moved here I wanted the girls room to be shabby chic.  I love shabby chic.  Mr. Man does not.  Nor did it fit the personalities of my girls.  My mom then made the girls their darling colorful quilts.  Drama Queen and I found some great butterfly wall stickers at the dollar store and I made colorful curtains to match their room.
For Butterfly I want to make a fabulous nursery.  And it like the girls room and their bathroom will be super colorful.  The magnet board and bunting banners I made are for the nursery corner of our master bedroom.

I think it's funny because when I was little I LOVED reading "Oh were they ever happy" and I always told myself I'd have a super colorful house.  And it's starting to be so.  Colors have the ability to make me happy.

Mischief is doing really quite well in her big girl bed.  I put her down for her nap today, read her a story, gave her a kiss and left the room despite her protests.  Once the door was shut I didn't hear a peep from her and after a while of silence, I peeked in and found her sound asleep.  She did wake up last night though, I heard her and went to their room and grabbed her as she was climbing up on to Drama Queen's bed.  I really didn't want both of them awake.  I was so tired that I just took her to bed with me, which was a bad idea because she was restless all night long.  I have found a relationship between her sleeping and eating.  If she eats alot during the day, she sleeps through the night. The last two days she has refused to eat.  Yesterday she ate only a banana and finally before bed I got her to eat about a third of a cup of millet delight with apricot syrup.  Oh, she also ate the peas out of her macaroni and cheese.  Today she's doing pretty good though.  She had a banana as well as two bowls of multigrain cheerios with milk and a bunch of baked potato wedges with ketchup.  Hurray for that.

It's not a good day today though.  I'm so tired.  And Drama Queen is talking incessantly.  It's overcast AGAIN! Rain I like, constant grey not so much.

Wanted tater tots alot.  Baked some potato wedges.  It almost satisfied the craving.  Today is one of those days I miss energy drinks.  It has been like 20 weeks since I had one.

Mr. Man worked ALOT this weekend.  We're grateful.  He's sleeping now though so I can't sew like I wanted to.
I got to take a full shower this morning! Usually if I'm lucky enough to shower, it involves Mischief and therefore my hair gets wet and I shave my armpits.  The end.  Today Mischief was distracted playing doll house and took advantage of it.  Not only did I do the usual, but I got everything washed, and even shaved my legs!!  Feels great.

Making jello.  Yummy yummy jello.  Lime jello with pineapple.

Drama Queen likes making comments about when we have a house.  Things like, we can get a trampoline! etc.  It's cute.  She asked when we'd be getting a house and I told her in probably a couple thousand days.

Mr. Man wants to live in Washington.  I say Oregon, or if my parents intend to retire in Utah, I'd be willing to stay here.  I'll moan and groan and complain every winter, but I like having family around.

Time to go stir the pineapple into the jello.

Make-it Monday: Magnet board redo

Last fall I picked up this Magnet board at the thrift store for $3.
It's sat in a box until today when a blog inspired me what to do with it!  First I sanded the purple frame so it wasn't glossy.  And found some scrapbook paper I wanted to use.
Squeezed modge podge all over the metal sheet, yes I know the punching is cute, but the gray is not what I wanted.
Spread it out evenly with a paint brush
Stick down paper, after it's dry, trim off any excess.
Then I mixed two paints together to make the exact color I wanted and painted over the purple.  I didn't want it solid, I let it have texture from the brush.
Once the paint was dry, I put the metal board back in again.
Cute, colorful, but a little too plain for me.
So I grabbed lots of flower things, some velcro, and some magnets from the fridge.  On each magnet is the harsh side of the velcro and the soft side is on the back of each flower.  This way, I can switch the flowers up if I get tired of the look, plus I can make headbands or hair clips with the velcro and use them for that!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mischief slept through the night three days this past week and took long naps all but one day.  What does this mean?  She grew!!  Her 12 month pajamas are now not long enough. for her.  I almost couldn't get them on her last night.  Not to mention the sleeves are now elbow length.  Which she likes actually./  She's always pushing long sleeves up.
So exciting!!
Last night Mischief slept in her big girl bed.  It took an hour to get her to sleep, I had to hold her hand, and then she woke up at 3:11am.  Or at least that's the time that I heard her little voice calling for Daddy as she wandered the dark house.  I put her back in bed and laid with her until she was asleep, about 45 min.
This morning Drama Queen woke her "kindly" when she got up, so I had a talk with DQ about how she needs to just get out of bed quietly and leave the room closing the door behind her so Mischief can sleep as long as she needs.  The girls are very different in their sleep habits and have been since birth.  DQ has fought bedtime and naps long and hard for the last almost 5 years.  Mischief on the other hand is more than willing to sleep when she's tired and tends to sleep in in the morning.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Frugal Friday

As of right now I'm feeling that happy feeling.  I hope it lasts all day.  So today is frugal friday because I had fun making "Dinner's in the cupboard" meals yesterday.
You know, like the whole freezer meal idea, except our stuff is based off dry goods.  Much to Mr. Man's chagrin, these meals are all vegetarian, because the only meat we have is a pork roast, some stew beef, and some scallops that have been in the freezer for over a year.  Those three things have to last the next two weeks to break up the vegetarian menu.   I on the other hand am excited and hopeful that these meals will be as delicious as the reviews said they are.
I'm the kind of person who when I'm hungry, I want food now.  I don't want to spend half an hour to an hour with the prepping and cooking before I finally get to eat.  So here's what I did. . . .
After going to I used the ingredient search to find meals that used stuff we have in our cupboards and food storage. I found 7 different recipes to work with.
I grabbed my storage bags and a sharpie and went recipe by recipe filling one bag at a time with the dry ingredients needed for the recipe.  I made sure to label well in case for some unknown reason Mr. Man has to make one.
Though the recipes also use liquid or produce ingredients, these packs have just the dry stuff, like the quick shelf meals you can buy at the grocery store.  This way I don't have to gather the different cans, measure and pick through the rice or lentils, locate and measure each spice, etc.
Yes, I'll have to wash and chop vegetables, but that's quick and easy to do while the grains are cooking!  All these kits worked with our budget as they use canned goods, spices and grains we already had in our storage, and all the other needed ingredients came from our WIC vouchers!  Fabulous when you are out of money for a week and a half and your fridge was almost bare!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A mixture of things

Butterfly is measuring up just fine.  They were able to get a view of all 4 chambers of her heart this time.  She was awake at the time and moving her arms and legs all over.  Everything is looking good!

After that we went to Buy Low!!  I'm so excited that we can go to Buy Low again!  We couldn't before because the car wasn't registered and I wasn't going to drive to almost another city (it's on the border between our city and the one south).  Buy Low always has awesome produce prices, and on Wed/Thurs they have special produce sales.  So for $15 we got 13 bananas, 4 onions, 5 apples, 2 pears, 1 1/2 pounds of grapes, cilantro, parsley, celery, 1lb carrots, 3 limes, 2 green bell peppers, 2 lbs broccoli.  That's really quite good for where we live.  We also got 5 gallons of milk, a dozen eggs, bread, tortillas, bottled juice, frozen juice, peanut butter, and two boxes of cereal.  In all, today WIC saved us $50.  Hurray!

Earlier this week we got to play with our friends again.  Their mom decided 2 weeks in seclution was enough(had a baby).  We played outside since it was a nice day.  Some neighbor kids came over to the park and got everyone playing a game of tag.  I got to hold a tiny sleeping baby!  16 weeks and I'll have my own.
Anyway, pictures from the girls playing:

Drama Queen made "bird nests". 
Not quite to the caliber of a lizard trap, but then lizards aren't plentiful here like in CA where I grew up.

Millet Delight 

is what we had for breakfast this morning.  We are making use of the plethora of bulk things I picked up at WinCo last year as well as food storage.  I was excited to find this recipe because we had all the ingredients!  Well, I used regular powdered milk instead of soy milk powder.  And I got tired of chopping dates so I added in some currents to make the right amount of dried fruit.  It was good!  Mischief ate hers up real quick, Drama Queen took a bit more prodding, but in all it was well liked.  I think I'll fry up the leftovers tomorrow and serve them with honey and yogurt.  I think some chopped nuts would be a nice addition to this as well.
Anyway, as I try these "strange" new recipes, I will be sharing them on here.  So I'll be posting another recipe later as we will be having a quinoa based meal for dinner tonight.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ponderings - VBAC

I was willing to just go with the doctor's no VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) policy even though he had never met me or heard my medical history.  It was just the easy thing, you know?  I'm a people pleaser.  Then I watched Pregnant in America on Netflix and remembered how horrible recovery from the unnecesarean was.  That's right, I've joined the unnecesarean club.  The doctor who delivered Mischief didn't even give me any other options.  It was later (okay, today) that I learned doctors can TURN posterior babies. He never tried to do that.  She wasn't a massive baby, my contractions were still mild, not forcing her down at all, my water had just gushed, that's all.  I'm certain she had room that she could have moved had I been told it was a possibility and what to do or if he had even tried.
Yes, two years later I am still very bitter about that cesarean section.  Most of it comes from feeling lied to.  He had me absolutely convinced that if I tried to deliver her vaginally, she'd break her neck or arm or both.  Made me feel like it'd be selfish and oh so dangerous to disagree with him.

After watching Pregnant in America and The Business of Being Born, I got to researching and looking into things and I really don't know how the doctor I'm currently seeing (and no I haven't gone to the same Obgyn for any of my girls, we've moved so much) came up with my having a one in four chance of major MAJOR VBAC complications  due to the fact that my water breaks before labor begins and usually at 38 or 39 weeks.

So I've been researching information and finding that even The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has changed their stance to saying, "Attempting a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) is a safe and appropriate choice for most women who have had a prior cesarean delivery, including for some women who have had two previous cesareans" 
Though doctors will tell you the dangers of a VBAC, how many cover the dangers of a cesarean?  Another quote from The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:
"Both repeat cesarean and a TOLAC [Trial Of Labor After Cesarean] carry risks including maternal hemorrhage, infection, operative injury, blood clots, hysterectomy, and death. Most maternal injury that occurs during a TOLAC happens when a repeat cesarean becomes necessary after the TOLAC fails. A successful VBAC has fewer complications than an elective repeat cesarean while a failed TOLAC has more complications than an elective repeat cesarean."

I have decided to talk to a local hospital based midwife group about a VBAC.  Since we will be switching to Medicaid after this month (yes I know we should have applied sooner as it take at least two months to kick in) I figure now is as good a time as any to look into second opinions.  The doctor I am seeing now does take Medicaid.  But I really don't like that VBACs aren't even an option with him and he has the older view that a VBAC is a death sentence for mother and baby.

I am praying about it.  I just get so confused because Mr. Man is against it.  He's been against natural birth since the beginning of our marriage.  I wanted to try a full natural birth with Drama Queen, but when you're in the worst pain you have ever ever been in and your husband is there telling you to just get the epidural and how you'll have no pain at all then, you are certainly going to give in.  And yes, I was grateful for the epidural.  It was marvelous.  But now Mr. Man is thrilled with the prospect of knowing exactly when we'll have the baby and has no doubts at all about what the doctor said but rather looks at me as though I've grown a third eye, when I talk about wanting a VBAC still.  My other main issue is that I really do like the Dr. I'm seeing. I just wish he'd at least give the option of a VBAC.  If he did I'd declare that I'd found the perfect doctor.

And now I'm going to make him watchin Pregnant in America much to his horror. 
UPDATE:  He made it through the first 40 minutes before he was done.  He is open to finishing it later.  It is a long documentary and not the kind of documentary he likes.  BUT  within those 40 min, I felt him relax a bit and now he's pondering if it's possible that my post partum depression was a side effect of my epidural (I don't think so, but I'm happy he's thinking) and he thinks midwives are great, but thinks they should have their own place at a hospital without doctor interference.  Oh happy day because I'm calling American Fork Midwives today!  They're a hospital based midwife group.  :)

Tutu Tuesday

Yesterday while Mischief napped, Drama Queen and I made oatmeal raisin cookies.
She thinks the mixer is too too noisy.
And her friend "purple marker" watched as we mixed the batter.
Only purple marker thought the mixer was too loud as well, and so wanted her family to come join her.

Along with walking backwards, Mischief has also discovered stomping.  Since our floor is just carpet over plywood(I think) with about 2 feet of open space under that, stomping makes a great sound!  She loves just stomping around in circles.  In the last week she was started speaking so much more!!  She repeats words all day long and is using words more often to identify things.

The girls enjoy playing together on Drama Queen's bed.