Crazy dream last night.  Family reunion, getting burgers at some random little joint, Anthony Bourdain there as part of his own family reunion, letting go thousands of balloons, seeing a monorail crash breaking a dam, Getting everyone running, everyone being caught in flood of water.  Mischief disappearing, me freaking out because we're all in, essentially a lazy river like at a water park, fast flowing river with occasional swirling vortexes of terror.  Of course no one but me was panicking and the only reason I was was because my Mischief had disappeared.
Never before been so grateful to have had Mischief come to my bed in the middle of the night.  After the fear of losing her, it was nice to have her there as a reminder it was just a dream.

At this time Mischief is pushing her tiny baby around in the doll stroller around the living room while Drama Queen gets her teddy bear dressed.  The movie How to Train Your Dragon is playing in the other room as background sound.  Mr. Man is sleeping as his first two classes of the day were canceled.  I'm online price hunting for laundry and dishwasher detergant ingredients before heading over to the store to see if they even have the needed items and if they do how the prices compare.   Of course any the in store pricing may wait until Friday when we get our April money because I hate finding the things I need and not being able to buy them.  I also plan to go to the dollar store to pick up a grater and measuring cups/spoons to be for the use in making said products.  And now the girls are fighting because Drama Queen's bear is being the police man and stopping the stroller pushing Mischief which is not a game that Mischief wants to play.  Thus resulting in Drama Queen going to her room and pouting while Mischief continues her tour of the house.  Then they agreed to clean up the toys that were out so I would get down the Rainbow Brite paper dolls.  Thus leading to Drama Queen in tears when Mischief used the rainbow stickers because apparently the rainbow stickers are girl stickers not baby stickers so Mischief was not to use them.  I told her to trade Mischief with some other stickers, but she did not so I have little sympathy as Drama Queen sits crying and watching Mischief as Mischief sings and puts stickers on her paper.
Then within a few minutes they're happily playing paper dolls together.  Life with little girls is so emotional!

It's interesting to me how the older I get the more interested in self-sufficiency I am.  And then there's my husband who hates gardening, eats only beige colored food (no really we went to Chuck-A-Rama, a buffet, on payday and the only color on his plate was first the tomato sauce and pepperoni on his piece of pizza and on his second plate of food he had ketchup for his fried breaded fish, everything else was the same color as the breaded fish or pizza crust).  Maybe I'm desiring to be self-sufficient for when he dies a a young age?  Oy.
Anyway, we've gotten our garden started.  When our tax refund arrives I'm going to get compost to mix in so it can be a healthy garden (the peas still aren't growing, though the new ones we planted still have a handful of days before they're supposed to have sprouted).  I'm hunting up some free wood pallets to make compost bins with, if that fails I'll do the cheap composter version of chicken wire, I just fear the neighbors behind us will complain about how it looks, they already don't like us because of our dog.  I'm going to make us some laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent because I've discovered how much cheaper it is to make them yourself!  Okay i knew that about laundry detergent, but I haven't made any because everyone keeps getting HE washers and giving us their old detergents.  But we're down to the last half of a tub now, so I'll make us some.  And I'm tired of our dishes being speckled and not so clean as I'd like due to the inefficiency of the cheap detergents we buy.  Anyway.  There's my current tangent.  I watched three documentaries yesterday on eating local and or "no impact".  So inspiring.  If only those type of movies didn't bore my husband to death the way his anime bores me.  I was excited to see that on Vision Forum the Homestead Blessings DVDs are half off until this weekend!  I've been wanting most of them for over a year now.  We'll see if I get to buy them or not.  They do go on sale a few times a year.  We're almost out of disposible diapers again and I am going to get back into cloth diapering her.  Though she's still having horrible explosive poopy diapers, which I am wondering if it's due to her milk intake.  She's gaining weight though so I don't want to go back to expensive almond or coconut milk!  Her poo is far from "healthy" looking though.  It's not diarrhea but it's just as nasty.  I need to get more diaper pins because I'm like flat folds with wool covers best right now.  Though we need more flat folds with the rate she's going through diapers.  I'm sure I have flannel I can use.   Huh, another interesting natural product. . .using rubbing alcohol as a deoderant.  Interesting.

And yes, today's Monday is pure ramble.  My husband isn't interested in this sort of talk, but I want to talk about it!
I think it's funny how giddy I get about these things.  Here I am stuck inside. It's freezing and crazy windy out there with occasional snow flurries.  I'm going to find out who at church has a pressure canner.  While I'm looking forward to the fresh produce of summer, I'm just as excited to have organic home canned produce in the winter!!  If only I knew what to do with things like pickled green beans.  Freezing produce isn't an option for us, for two reasons, one, we only have the small freezer attached to the fridge, and two, to me preserving the harvest is about self sufficiency and in the event of a power outage (no I have no desire to own a generator) there goes your frozen stuff.


just remember to 1/2 your soap if you use your laundry soap recipe for the dishwashing soap, otherwise it will flood the dishwasher. lol i forgot and fianlly used the dishwasher again and had it flood. i just had to laugh because i had posted about doing the same thing about a yr or 2 ago.
Kira =] said…
i have a stash of Zote soap I can mail you if you want it.

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