Day 4

Another day and I've woken up feeling the same as I did the last three days.
I'm a person again!!
It's easy to be happy, it doesn't feel like happiness is forced and a burden!
It used to take an energy drink (of which I haven't had in like 5 months and I was pretty miserable not being able to have easy happiness for even a day) to feel this way!
I am pretty sure now that it is my medication working.
It's wonderful to feel joy each day.
To have patience with my quirky and delightful little girls.
To have a desire to be productive.
To not just want to hide in bed all day.
To have the desire and energy to be fun with the girls.
If it's not my medicine, I'll be very sad.


Julianna said…
I'm so glad you found a med that works for you. Some times, I wish I could go on some.

But alas, between the gluten and hormone issues... it's just not a good idea.
Emily Robertson said…
I am so glad that your meds are working! such a blessing! And I love that picture of pretty. jordan looks tired =) make him take a nap
sleepless said…
YAYYYYY !! I sm do glad you feel good and in control !!!! The world can see the awesome person you are !!!
Laurel said…
Glad you are feeling so good!

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