Frugal Friday

As of right now I'm feeling that happy feeling.  I hope it lasts all day.  So today is frugal friday because I had fun making "Dinner's in the cupboard" meals yesterday.
You know, like the whole freezer meal idea, except our stuff is based off dry goods.  Much to Mr. Man's chagrin, these meals are all vegetarian, because the only meat we have is a pork roast, some stew beef, and some scallops that have been in the freezer for over a year.  Those three things have to last the next two weeks to break up the vegetarian menu.   I on the other hand am excited and hopeful that these meals will be as delicious as the reviews said they are.
I'm the kind of person who when I'm hungry, I want food now.  I don't want to spend half an hour to an hour with the prepping and cooking before I finally get to eat.  So here's what I did. . . .
After going to I used the ingredient search to find meals that used stuff we have in our cupboards and food storage. I found 7 different recipes to work with.
I grabbed my storage bags and a sharpie and went recipe by recipe filling one bag at a time with the dry ingredients needed for the recipe.  I made sure to label well in case for some unknown reason Mr. Man has to make one.
Though the recipes also use liquid or produce ingredients, these packs have just the dry stuff, like the quick shelf meals you can buy at the grocery store.  This way I don't have to gather the different cans, measure and pick through the rice or lentils, locate and measure each spice, etc.
Yes, I'll have to wash and chop vegetables, but that's quick and easy to do while the grains are cooking!  All these kits worked with our budget as they use canned goods, spices and grains we already had in our storage, and all the other needed ingredients came from our WIC vouchers!  Fabulous when you are out of money for a week and a half and your fridge was almost bare!


sleepless said…
Good thinking !! Excellant idea !!With the beans it doesn't matter if you have no meat..beans are a healthier alternative ! You get gold stars on your chart !!! You go girl !!
Julianna said…
Awesome idea. Love that you bagged them and everything.

Pay day was today. So I have been living on left overs and cereal for about two days. :)

I soooo totally hear you.
britt said…
This is a really clever idea! If I had more energy I would do this too. Maybe in a few weeks. =)
Mandi said…
Brilliant! Thanks for the idea! :)
Kira =] said…
awesome idea to bag it all together!!! did you fb this post? if not, definitely should!!

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