I went to bed at 11:30pm after Mr. Man got back from the grocery store (Thanks for buying a dress Aunt Mary!! Our tummies thank you!)  Drama Queen was still up with him because she took a nap from 4pm to 6pm.      Mischief woke up I'm assuming around 1am. . .I don't know, I just know he put her in our bed. and from that time forth I struggled sleeping.  I think that's around the same time he put Drama Queen down.
Mischief was very restless for sure at about 3:30.  She wanted a drink, I got her a drink.  For the next hour she was very restless.  Mr. Man was having trouble sleeping so he got up again and I took Mischief out to him, changed her diaper and got back in bed.  He brought her back with him at about 5am.  Mischief kept climbing in and out of bed.  Finally I got up with her and laid on the couch watching Bear in the Big Blue House.  She kept making throw up motions, but never threw up, she fights it.  I suspected she didn't feel good yesterday, and now I'm sure of it.
So well, I'm tired.  Really tired.  Having brownies for breakfast tired because it was made and there and waiting.  Today's goals:

  • finish putting laundry away (from Friday) there are two loads left
  • cut out dress pieces
  • sew ruffled bums
  • dishes
  • vacuum play room

So there was silence for about 15 minutes in the girls bedroom and I thought Mischief was asleep.  Until there was a sudden knock on the bedroom door and the exclaimation of "Mommy! Mommy!"  I open the door to lay Mischief back down and discover why it had been silent.  She'd been playing dress up!  She got some wings on all by herself (a first).  It looks like a nap won't be happening today either, as it didn't happen yesterday.


Mandi said…
those girls sure love dress ups! Mine don't go a single day without a princess dress, shoes or crown! Girls are so fun! Wait until you hear giggling and walk in to find all 3 twirling around in their gowns and having the time of their lives. I hope they become the best of friends!!

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