Make-it Monday: Magnet board redo

Last fall I picked up this Magnet board at the thrift store for $3.
It's sat in a box until today when a blog inspired me what to do with it!  First I sanded the purple frame so it wasn't glossy.  And found some scrapbook paper I wanted to use.
Squeezed modge podge all over the metal sheet, yes I know the punching is cute, but the gray is not what I wanted.
Spread it out evenly with a paint brush
Stick down paper, after it's dry, trim off any excess.
Then I mixed two paints together to make the exact color I wanted and painted over the purple.  I didn't want it solid, I let it have texture from the brush.
Once the paint was dry, I put the metal board back in again.
Cute, colorful, but a little too plain for me.
So I grabbed lots of flower things, some velcro, and some magnets from the fridge.  On each magnet is the harsh side of the velcro and the soft side is on the back of each flower.  This way, I can switch the flowers up if I get tired of the look, plus I can make headbands or hair clips with the velcro and use them for that!


sleepless said…
Way cuter how you did it and much more up to date !! More of your BRILLIANCE showing !! You should feel good about that one !!

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