Make-it Monday: Toddler shoes

I am absolutely in love with Joyfolie shoes.
Here's a Joyfolie collage I stole from a blog.
The trouble though, is they sell out within 5 minutes of upload, and cost between $30 and $40.
Yesterday I set out to make a pair myself.  Trouble is I don't have a way to "last" them and there for they're not stiff and shaped like Joyfolie shoes.  If I had $250, I'd go to Colorado for a day in April and take the class that Jessica of Joyfolie is giving on making shoes.  *sigh*

Here I am sharing a tutorial I found by searching on google blog search for shoe tutorials.  Tao of Craft is an awesome blog and there are lots of great tutorials on it.  I followed her Modern Baby Bootie Tutorial with minimal alterations.  I'll share a few tidbits of the process here, but go to her blog for the real how-to as well as the pattern.

If you look at the upper shoe pattern piece, you can see I added about 3/4 of an inch to the toe area.  I just wanted more coverage for Mischief's foot.  I used the 12-18 month size and it fits her perfectly.  My dinky 21 month old!
The straps were INSANELY hard.  Mr. Man even tried helping me with turning them right side out but after 5 minutes, handed the one he had back and told me good luck.  It took a bobby pin (which ended up poking holes through the fabric) a crochet hook and lots of patience to get them turned right side out!
Attaching the sole to the top was slightly difficult as well, with maneuvering and all.  In the tutorial she doesn't mention clipping the curves on the shoe upper, but be sure to do it around the toe area, don't cut wedges, just clip through the fabric right up to the seam (but not through it) about every quarter of an inch.  
I double stitched at the to and the heel to reinforce them and then trimmed all the layers fairly close to the seam.  Here's the shoe inside out before trimming the heel.
A completed shoe! The main problem I had with them in the end, was that the way the toe is shaped makes it look like the straps are on wrong.
Adding an embellishment to make them more like a Joyfolie shoe, twisted fabric rose and wool felt scrap leaves:
Mischief LOVES her shoes, and Drama Queen has requested I make her some shoes now.  I'll have to invent  a pattern for that!

If you want a similar pattern, but with directions to hide the inside seam, here's a link for Baby Ballerina Shoes.

Today I whipped up some pants for Mischief and will get started on a shirt to go with them after her nap.  Can't sew during naptime anymore since my machine is in the same room as her!

Today has been a good day, the kids have had fun playing with little people as well as using my cutting board as a skating rink and dance floor.  Yes, it makes my board more beat up looking, but they love it so much.  It was raining all day until about half an hour ago when the rain turned to snow. Large flakes.  And they're sticking!  Mischief's shirt will have to wait until tomorrow as Daddy went to bed as soon as Mischief(and I) got up.


Laurel said…
They are very cute! What did you use for the sole?
Emily Robertson said…
SO SO SO SO SO CUTE! You are so talented! I love the pants too...who can resist a ruffle butt???
sleepless said…
Thanks for sharing all the information ! You are so creative and artistic with your sewing !! Awesome !!

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