Mischief slept through the night three days this past week and took long naps all but one day.  What does this mean?  She grew!!  Her 12 month pajamas are now not long enough. for her.  I almost couldn't get them on her last night.  Not to mention the sleeves are now elbow length.  Which she likes actually./  She's always pushing long sleeves up.
So exciting!!
Last night Mischief slept in her big girl bed.  It took an hour to get her to sleep, I had to hold her hand, and then she woke up at 3:11am.  Or at least that's the time that I heard her little voice calling for Daddy as she wandered the dark house.  I put her back in bed and laid with her until she was asleep, about 45 min.
This morning Drama Queen woke her "kindly" when she got up, so I had a talk with DQ about how she needs to just get out of bed quietly and leave the room closing the door behind her so Mischief can sleep as long as she needs.  The girls are very different in their sleep habits and have been since birth.  DQ has fought bedtime and naps long and hard for the last almost 5 years.  Mischief on the other hand is more than willing to sleep when she's tired and tends to sleep in in the morning.


Julianna said…
Sometimes their sharing a room is the kiss of death. Often, one wakes the other way too soon, and I am left to deal with the grumpiness all day. When we talked of refinishing the other side of the basement so Youngest could have his own room, Oldest just looked at me and said... "But I'd be lonely."

Can win for trying...
sleepless said…
Yay !! Growing is good !!! sleeping is good !!!

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