A mixture of things

Butterfly is measuring up just fine.  They were able to get a view of all 4 chambers of her heart this time.  She was awake at the time and moving her arms and legs all over.  Everything is looking good!

After that we went to Buy Low!!  I'm so excited that we can go to Buy Low again!  We couldn't before because the car wasn't registered and I wasn't going to drive to almost another city (it's on the border between our city and the one south).  Buy Low always has awesome produce prices, and on Wed/Thurs they have special produce sales.  So for $15 we got 13 bananas, 4 onions, 5 apples, 2 pears, 1 1/2 pounds of grapes, cilantro, parsley, celery, 1lb carrots, 3 limes, 2 green bell peppers, 2 lbs broccoli.  That's really quite good for where we live.  We also got 5 gallons of milk, a dozen eggs, bread, tortillas, bottled juice, frozen juice, peanut butter, and two boxes of cereal.  In all, today WIC saved us $50.  Hurray!

Earlier this week we got to play with our friends again.  Their mom decided 2 weeks in seclution was enough(had a baby).  We played outside since it was a nice day.  Some neighbor kids came over to the park and got everyone playing a game of tag.  I got to hold a tiny sleeping baby!  16 weeks and I'll have my own.
Anyway, pictures from the girls playing:

Drama Queen made "bird nests". 
Not quite to the caliber of a lizard trap, but then lizards aren't plentiful here like in CA where I grew up.

Millet Delight 

is what we had for breakfast this morning.  We are making use of the plethora of bulk things I picked up at WinCo last year as well as food storage.  I was excited to find this recipe because we had all the ingredients!  Well, I used regular powdered milk instead of soy milk powder.  And I got tired of chopping dates so I added in some currents to make the right amount of dried fruit.  It was good!  Mischief ate hers up real quick, Drama Queen took a bit more prodding, but in all it was well liked.  I think I'll fry up the leftovers tomorrow and serve them with honey and yogurt.  I think some chopped nuts would be a nice addition to this as well.
Anyway, as I try these "strange" new recipes, I will be sharing them on here.  So I'll be posting another recipe later as we will be having a quinoa based meal for dinner tonight.


Julianna said…
I do miss the excitement of the ultra sound pictures. Not so much that I'd have another though. :)

Very cute pics!
sleepless said…
Wow, you are amazing !! The millet meal looks good ! For your area you did GREAT on the produce !! Thanks for sharing the cute photos of the girls !

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