Happy Birthday to Me

Being that today is my birthday, we'll be out and about today.  I am now 27.  That looks so old.

On the other hand I've put a new picture of me to the left, taken this morning after a shower where I actually got to wash and condition and comb my hair, and put on make-up and my contacts.  A rare occasion indeed.  Of course my eyes aren't used to contacts anymore nor are they used to make up so they're burning now.  I think I look like a freak, but Mr. Man will probably like that I put forth effort today.

Today will be full of me using my free meal vouchers (sign up for restaurant birthday club emails!  It's fabulous!) at IHOP, Weinerschnitzel, and Noodles & Co., picking up easter craft supplies at the dollar store, picking up house hold things we need (out of any sort of plastic bag you could use), getting the car registered and paying bills.

Mr. Man got a call from the fencing coach last night, they've become friends, the Mister is his right hand man now it seems.  Anyway, Coach was quite distressed due to some news from his higher ups (as in, get out of the building, it's our club now) as well as having trouble getting his Visa renewed (not credit card).  He's from Columbia.  He just needed someone to talk to and get ideas from of what to do.  We don't know what will be happening with the fencing class now.

The girls and I went to Walmart and got my birthday present:
Though I realize now I didn't get any cabbage seeds.

Now, had I about $650 to spend on myself, I'd totally buy a Panasonic DMC-L10
which I discovered an excellent condition used one on KEH camera through Amazon and it costs even less on their own webpage.


Julianna said…
HaPpY BiRtHdAy!

Love the new pic!
Kira =] said…
your post reminded me of this article I just read.


I'm now looking for skirt patterns for myself

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