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I have a tendency to switch between things I'm interested in.  Like when we first moved here I wanted the girls room to be shabby chic.  I love shabby chic.  Mr. Man does not.  Nor did it fit the personalities of my girls.  My mom then made the girls their darling colorful quilts.  Drama Queen and I found some great butterfly wall stickers at the dollar store and I made colorful curtains to match their room.
For Butterfly I want to make a fabulous nursery.  And it like the girls room and their bathroom will be super colorful.  The magnet board and bunting banners I made are for the nursery corner of our master bedroom.

I think it's funny because when I was little I LOVED reading "Oh were they ever happy" and I always told myself I'd have a super colorful house.  And it's starting to be so.  Colors have the ability to make me happy.

Mischief is doing really quite well in her big girl bed.  I put her down for her nap today, read her a story, gave her a kiss and left the room despite her protests.  Once the door was shut I didn't hear a peep from her and after a while of silence, I peeked in and found her sound asleep.  She did wake up last night though, I heard her and went to their room and grabbed her as she was climbing up on to Drama Queen's bed.  I really didn't want both of them awake.  I was so tired that I just took her to bed with me, which was a bad idea because she was restless all night long.  I have found a relationship between her sleeping and eating.  If she eats alot during the day, she sleeps through the night. The last two days she has refused to eat.  Yesterday she ate only a banana and finally before bed I got her to eat about a third of a cup of millet delight with apricot syrup.  Oh, she also ate the peas out of her macaroni and cheese.  Today she's doing pretty good though.  She had a banana as well as two bowls of multigrain cheerios with milk and a bunch of baked potato wedges with ketchup.  Hurray for that.

It's not a good day today though.  I'm so tired.  And Drama Queen is talking incessantly.  It's overcast AGAIN! Rain I like, constant grey not so much.

Wanted tater tots alot.  Baked some potato wedges.  It almost satisfied the craving.  Today is one of those days I miss energy drinks.  It has been like 20 weeks since I had one.

Mr. Man worked ALOT this weekend.  We're grateful.  He's sleeping now though so I can't sew like I wanted to.
I got to take a full shower this morning! Usually if I'm lucky enough to shower, it involves Mischief and therefore my hair gets wet and I shave my armpits.  The end.  Today Mischief was distracted playing doll house and took advantage of it.  Not only did I do the usual, but I got everything washed, and even shaved my legs!!  Feels great.

Making jello.  Yummy yummy jello.  Lime jello with pineapple.

Drama Queen likes making comments about when we have a house.  Things like, we can get a trampoline! etc.  It's cute.  She asked when we'd be getting a house and I told her in probably a couple thousand days.

Mr. Man wants to live in Washington.  I say Oregon, or if my parents intend to retire in Utah, I'd be willing to stay here.  I'll moan and groan and complain every winter, but I like having family around.

Time to go stir the pineapple into the jello.


sleepless said…
such Utah jello !!! Ya, no little miss Mischief in your bed now...consistancy is the key !!

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