Social Saturday

Well, we'll be social tonight when we visit with family that's in town from Reno.

Today has been more of the same.  Cleaning!  The living room is so close to being done.  I'm starting to get burnt out though energy-wise, also a little light headed..  I've enjoyed listening to last October's General Conference while working.
Time for Ramen and some ice cream.
Mischief is taking a nap and Drama Queen is next door probably playing Barbie.  Mr. Man is down at the fencing club helping re-set up the a/v stuff.  Total drama there.  I was pleased to find out that he informed coach that he's willing to do manual labor and give a listening ear, but even then, his family comes first so he can't just drop everything to come help.  Like last night when he was making dinner and coach called.  (we just call him coach cause we can't pronounce his name).

Okay.  Food.  And more cleaning!  Mr. Man was super excited when he got up this morning to find I was cleaning again.  He thanked me.  I told him I don't know if it's due to caffiene (which I haven't had since Thursday), the nesting point of pregnancy, or the increase in my medicine's dosage.  He says he doesn't care the reason, he's just thrilled it's happening!

Mischief requested to go outside when she got up from her nap, so we drew with chalk and played in the dirt for a bit.


We had an awesome time at Pizza Pie Cafe.  It was so great to see my girls enjoying my Aunt and Uncle so much!  While Mischief was being a bit shy and clingy, Drama Queen was endearing herself to the college students in our group.  It was so great to see and spend time with family.  Thanks!!


sleepless said…
It sounds like a good day !! awesome, I love when that happens !
britt said…
it sounds like you're feeling better. Happy for you!
FoxFamily said…
Hooray for your happy day. All your cleaning is impressive too! I know about that nesting feeling. Yay!

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