Truth is. . .Thursday

Truth is. . .I woke up, walked out of my room and was met with the the words "It's okay mom, I'm cleaning up the mess."

Truth is. . .the mess was the kitchen floor completely covered with red, blue, and white non-pareils(sprinkles).  Sprinkles which Drama Queen told me she wanted to open yesterday and I told her no, she was not to open them.

Truth is. . .her scissors which were returned a day ago, have once again been taken away.  At least we did get some good "egg making" in.  I refuse to buy plastic eggs again, so we used scrapbook paper to cut egg shapes out.  DQ is just as thrilled. 

Truth is. . .I'm trying to get stuff listed on ebay right now and the kids are not being so agreeable to letting me do so.  And they were so good yesterday.  

Truth is. . .I'm watching Buffy as well.  Starting at the beginning as I've only ever seen maybe three episodes total.  Oh look it's a young Booth. . .whatever the actors name is. . .

Truth is. . .Mr. Man is super stressed about school right now.  He's already on academic probation for failing a class last semester and I guess he's worried about two of his classes this semester even though he says he's done all the work.  I really kind of think he should have just gotten an apprenticeship somewhere.  

Truth is. . .I'm going to go make a lemon cake for breakfast.  I need comfort food today.  Again.  I'm going to get fat this pregnancy.  Oh well.  As of tomorrow we won't have health insurance anyway!  We won't have medicaid until we can give them the needed paperwork which includes my birth certificate which still has yet to be found.  Stress. Stress. Stress.

Truth is. . .I'm grateful for the accordian folder my dad gave to me when we last lived with them.  As I keep finding these important documents I'm filing them away in it so I never have to go through this hunt again!

Truth is. . .Mischief goes into time-out quite obediently, but spends the entire time fake pouting.  Here she's in time-out for walking up to Drama Queen and whacking her on the head with a wonder block. 
After these pictures she heard a car, grinned and asked, "daddy?"

Truth is. . .I think making grocery lists is another stressful thing.  


sleepless said…
I hope you are Praying very specifically and regularly about Each and every one of these issues !! HE is the only one that can ALWAYS help you the best !!! I am sure you see the humor in Maddie's mess this is only sprinkles after all !! She is only a little girl and not 8 yet for accountability ! mama loves you !!
Julianna said…
Sometimes it's a rollercoaster. The ride up is tough, the view from the top is breathtaking, and the plunge down is sickening.

And then you get to do it all again.

The hard part is talking your way up to the top while staying focused on what's ahead. Enjoying the brief moments at the top that will take your breath away, and learning to let go... scream if necessary, and enjoy the plunge to the bottom.

Hang in there, the top is coming.
Mandi said…
I always read your comments to see what your mom has to say :)

she is very wise and doesn't only help you, she helps me too. Especially since our kids are close in age and behave similarly at times. So... thanks Abby's mama :)
Laurel said…
Have you thought about just ordering a new copy of your birth certificate from the county in which you were born?
Burnhams said…
I was gonna say what Laurel did. order a new one already :)
yeah i hope you did what laurel said, cause that was my idea.

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