Truth is. . . I got up with Mischief at 6:30am. . .and proceeded to lay on the couch with my blanket for the next hour.  I'm now fighting the desire to crawl into bed.

Truth is. . .last night I made great plans for today's school.  And have no desire to do them.

Truth is. . .Mischief thinks she needs to be on my lap no matter what today.  I want to be left alone. I'm exercising patience.

Truth is. . . I made cream of wheat for breakfast, the girls both ate up their bowlfuls.  I haven't touched mine yet.

Truth is. . .I want to make Mischief a dress to wear with her cute shoes on Sunday, but don't feel like sewing.

Truth is. . .I still need to make some shoes for Drama Queen and have to do that before I make another thing for Mischief or DQ will be very sad.  She wants her shoes to be hot pink.

Truth is. . .I want soda pop, but we only have Pibb right now, and I don't want caffiene.

Truth is. . .To keep Drama Queen entertained today I gave her full reign of the craft box.  The child is in glitter, glue and sticker heaven.

Truth is. . .I am really tired of feeling like a single mom.  It'd be one thing if he was at school or work all the time.  But he's not.  He's at the fencing club.  For like 6 hours a day.


Julianna said…
I let the kids get into craft stuff to give me a minute of peace quite often.

and quite often, I tell myself that I should never do that again...

...and then, I need another minute of peace, so...
sleepless said…
Some days are like that. I didn't want to get up today either.. I did but am still kind of on hold ...I wanted chocolate cake so I made one and had 1/3 of it for lunch..good thing It has no frosting...I probably would have eaten the whole thing by now....some days !...

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