Tutu Tuesday - Bad Mommy

Today we have proof of how unobservant I am of my children.  While I was hiding from them behind daddy on the bed, he was still sleeping because he didn't have school until 11am today, Mischief apparently had an indepth conversation with Drama Queen about the length of her hair.  I noticed nothing until after lunch when Mischief wanted to lay on the couch and watch Bear in the Big Blue House before her nap(or leading into her nap more likely).  I picked a pillow up off the floor and discovered about twenty 5" long strands of hair.  With a pile more on the floor.
I asked who's hair it was, and Drama Queen answered that it was Mischief's hair.  In the nicest way possible so she wouldn't clam up, I asked why there was so much of Mischief's hair no longer attached to her head. "She wanted me to." She wanted you to what? "She told me she wanted her hair shorter."

We then had a discussion on how it is NEVER Drama Queen's job to give ANYONE a hair cut.

Mischief's normal hair length.
 Mischief 's new hair cut.
 The new length on parts of her head.


Julianna said…
I did that to myself when I was 4. I wanted a doll with real hair... so I made one.

My mother still doesn't like it when I use scissors.
Laurel said…
Oh dear! I live in absolute fear of that. Happy Birthday!
Jennifer said…
I shared this with my mom who laughed and advised that I once removed eyelashes in this fashion lol

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