Tutu Tuesday

This morning Drama Queen played dress up

While Mischief helped sew a shirt for herself.
Then we went outside to play in the snow.  Yes, snow.  It's almost all melted now though.
Once we were thoroughly cold, we went inside for hot chocolate and graham goldfish.
When the girls were tired of spooning up their hot cold chocolate, I gave them straws.
Here's a video I find entertaining of Mischief playing with the vintage train set on Sunday.  It is her favorite toy.  She tends to be rather quiet when we go out places or to see people, but this is her volume when we are at home.

We've also been having fun making and flying paper airplanes.


Sleepy said…
Very fun! I so enjoy your videos and photographs!! Thanks for sharing!!!
sleepless said…
Delightful photos and video !! Listening to mischief use all her words was darling. Drama Queen does not seem too happy !?
3rdtimeMom said…
She says "Mom, I don't know how to smile." Even if she has requested the picture.
Laurel said…
I love Mischief's outfit in the video! ;) It looks very cute on her.

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