Tutu Tuesday

Yesterday while Mischief napped, Drama Queen and I made oatmeal raisin cookies.
She thinks the mixer is too too noisy.
And her friend "purple marker" watched as we mixed the batter.
Only purple marker thought the mixer was too loud as well, and so wanted her family to come join her.

Along with walking backwards, Mischief has also discovered stomping.  Since our floor is just carpet over plywood(I think) with about 2 feet of open space under that, stomping makes a great sound!  She loves just stomping around in circles.  In the last week she was started speaking so much more!!  She repeats words all day long and is using words more often to identify things.

The girls enjoy playing together on Drama Queen's bed.


Burnhams said…
hahaha. K has found stomping too! a lot of times she cant go anywhere unless she is stomping!
sleepless said…
what a fun mom you are doing stuff like that !! Thanks for the photos !!

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