Tutu Tuesday

After watching Peter Pan while Mischief was taking her nap, Drama Queen decided to be a pirate.  She proceeded to build a ship a'la Grün, Blau, Rot -Wir bauen ein Pirateenboot.  That's right I read my kids books that are in Deutsch.
 Then she requested help in tying on some pirate hats, using play silks, and also asked for assistance making a telescope.  All of it was completely her ideas, I didn't have any sort of influence at all.  It made me so proud!

In other news, I am highly pondering whether Drama Queen is going to be dyslexic like Mr. Man.  I know it's normal for kids to write some letters backwards or upside down, I know in kindergarten I did.  But her "school work" today had me concerned.  She had the numbers laid out in front of her as she looked at the picture and then was to write the number of how many of each item was in the picture.  This is what she wrote.  The answers are 3, 4, 6, 3.
As you can see every number is either backwards or upside down.  I tried to explain it to her and she didn't comprehend it at all and she though her numbers looked just like the ones on the blocks.

Mischief did great in her big girl bed for both naptime and bedtime yesterday.  Even with Drama Queen being still awake!  DQ said this morning that she sang Mischief a lullaby and Mischief went right to sleep.  She must have been singing very quietly because I didn't hear a peep from either of them.
Though I was the only one that would eat the Masam Daal (Indian style lentils) a few days ago.  The girls approved of today's Garlicky Quinoa and broccoli.  Both girls were leery of the chickpeas, though Drama Queen ate hers with the promise of jello when she cleaned her bowl.  I'm all for bribery like that.  Mischief refused to eat all her chickpeas, but she did request more broccoli (the kid LOVES broccoli).  I blanched the broccoli instead of just putting it in raw like the recipe says.  Instead of being dinners the "packaged" meals have been moved to lunches because Mr. Man refuses to even think of eating them.  In his opinion we have no food at all and I'm supposed to call the Relief Society President today to make a food order.

Another inspiration for creativity came from an episode of Angelina Ballerina that Drama Queen watched yesterday.  In it Angelina used a broom for a dance partner.  Yes, that's right, our brooms now have lovely faces.  I think they're cute!  Drama Queen drew them on.


Burnhams said…
unlesss it is really bad they wont even diagnos until 3rd grade. BUT she does have a parent with it. on the other hand again it is 75% more common for it to pass from male to male than it is to female (there are few female dyslexics, but I am one of them )
one thing both Cardons Kindy teacher and his OT told us it to watch the bi-lateral cross over. can she cross her midline with her arms? so can yo stand to her right holding something and can she cross over in front of her with her left hand without turning her body hardly at all and grab it from you?you dont have to be directly to the side, sorta side front, but she should be able to cross over and grab it with her left hane. or put something on the floor and have her lay down. put it up ahead within reach but either on her right side or her left side and have her cross over that midline to get it. if she cant cross that midline then the y say 99% sure of an LD. if she can but has trouble than that is a red flag. if she does it perfectly, then it lessens the chance.Cardon is red flagged.
sleepless said…
so cute and creative !! Love to see photos..thanks !
sleepless said…
Mr. Man would be alot healthier if he would eat something besides meat and cheese.
Sleepy said…
Great pirate ship!

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