Tutu Tuesday

I don't have any new pictures of the girl to post, but I'll talk about them.

They are excitedly going through the toy trunks right now.  Drama Queen was specifically looking for her My Little Pony ponies.  Mischief on the other hand is just digging through them and exclaiming with delight over everything.

Mischief and I walked to the grocery store this morning for bananas.  While there I checked to see if they had any reduced price salads, and they did, and a worker right near that area pointed out all the other reduced price stuff I never would have noticed.  All precut stuff like carrot sticks and fresh stirfry veggies.  So exciting, bought a bunch with WIC!!

Mr. Man stopped and bought Tangled on his way home from work this morning, so we watched it first thing this morning.  Mischief and I hadn't seen it before but Mr. Man and taken Drama Queen to see it in the theater.  It was really good!

We also got strawberries this morning and they made it home but only lasted long enough to be washed and hulled.  I got to eat three of them.

Mischief says new words everyday now.  Whenever we're out in the car she shouts "Guck! Guck!" anytime she sees a truck of any sort.  Today on the way home from the grocery store, she looked up in the sky and and proclaimed "Peen!"  and sure enough there was an airplane above us.  When we got home Mischief had a tantrum because the gate for the dog's room was too low for her to crawl under.  She was crying and calling "Ow! Demmie gog!"  Which meant she wanted Dempsea out of his kennel so she could go in it.  It's not often she calls an animal by it's name.  Dogs are normally "woof woof", pigs a closed mouth "Ong, ong", cows "Oooo", horses "knee", ducks "qack".

Yesterday, I finished a skirt for Drama Queen that my mom suggested to me. It should fit her for a new years.  I'm going to make a few button aprons for it and some matching tops.


sleepless said…
I must have described the skirt pretty well because..oh, there it is !! I think it is cute !! How fun the mischief is talking !!! I love when you bring a new batch of old toys out !! You should feel proud of yourself !! And, Good finds..with WIC !!!
What an adorable skirt! You did such a good job, and you're making me hungry for my sewing machine!!!

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