We spent today at full speed.
Got dog food
took bills to the post office
Washed, dried, and put away laundry
did dishes
burnt dinner
cleaned the living room
vacuumed the living room
got the first round of seeds planted indoors
cleaned off the table
cleaned and organized the laundry area
took a big bag and two boxes to Savers
cleaned the area between the loveseat and computer desk
played computer games with Drama Queen
took a nap with Mischief
cleaned under the carport
vacuumed the vents around the furnace
gathered all the stray dirty clothes from the master bedroom
emptied the bathroom trash cans
made Drama Queen some bunny ears (she cut ears out of white paper, I taped them to a headband)
Here are some photos from the events:

 Gathering all my antique-y photo props together.  Thanks mom!


sleepless said…
Oh, I forgot to send the antiquey white bear I got you ! I guess you get it someday !

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